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Taiwan Testing and Certification Center (ETC) Obtains IECEx ExTL Explosion Protection Laboratory Status Supervised by the IECEx ExCB of TÜV SÜD Germany

Taipei/Taiwan TÜV SÜD, a global leader in third-party testing and certification, jointly announced that Taiwan Testing and Certification Center's Structural Safety Laboratory has officially obtained the status of an IECEx ExTL accredited laboratory from the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx). This achievement marks the establishment of Taiwan's first local IECEx ExTL accredited laboratory. Today, on September 12th, a significant milestone was celebrated during the "IECEx ExTL International Accredited Laboratory Certification Ceremony and Explosion Protection Technology Seminar" held at NTUH International Convention Center.

This accreditation positions Taiwan as a significant player in the global field of explosion protection and safety. It not only provides Taiwanese businesses with increased opportunities in international markets but also contributes to reducing occupational hazards in hazardous areas. Furthermore, this achievement will enhance Taiwan's awareness of explosion protection safety, further promoting technological innovation and international competitiveness.

Kristof De Gersem, Certifier for the IECEx ExCB of TÜV SÜD Germany, stated, "As the exclusive collaborating certifying body for Taiwan Testing and Certification Center's IECEx ExTL accredited laboratory, we work closely together to bring substantial opportunities to Taiwan's explosion protection industry. With the capability to conduct complex product testing locally, businesses no longer need to send their products to overseas laboratories, reducing international communication costs. This significantly accelerates the time required for manufacturers to obtain IECEx/ATEX product certifications, allowing them to seize valuable business opportunities promptly. This accreditation not only signifies Taiwan's excellence in the international field of testing and certification but also elevates Taiwan's visibility in international affairs."


To further support Taiwan's related industries in the hydrogen energy sector, TÜV SÜD specifically invited Kristof De Gersem to deliver a seminar on crucial explosion protection testing for hydrogen applications. The seminar provided detailed insights into various safety precautions necessary during the development of hydrogen energy. This initiative is expected to bring more opportunities and competitiveness to Taiwan's industries, fostering their growth in international markets. TÜV SÜD takes pride in the achievements of the Taiwan Testing and Certification Center and looks forward to continued collaboration in advancing safety and quality standards in the future.



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