Battery production

Your solution partner and technical service provider

Your solution partner and technical service provider

E-Mobility has been a trending market for many years and the production of battery cells/modules/packs are rising with the increasing number of new battery production facilities worldwide. The demand for batteries will reach 4.7 GWh by 2030 in Europe. This is boosted by the increasing need for mobility and portable devices. However, there are many compliance and safety standards such as CE conformity, to keep up with when setting up a new battery production plant and throughout the battery production supply chain.

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services for the battery production plant lifecycle

Services for Battery Production Plant Lifecycle  

As the right technical partner for machinery and safety requirements for battery plant owner, TÜV SÜD is the one-point contact between plant owner and suppliers to facilitate seamless communication. We provide continuous status reporting of compliance fulfillment and gap analysis with measures needed based on regular communication. In addition, we understand your concerns when setting up a new battery production plant:

Supplier management - It is important to ensure that the suppliers manufacture and deliver equipment in accordance with all regulations and specification relevant for the country of placing the equipment on the market. They must be able to provide full documentation including certificates, manuals, and technical data sheets. Their operation should also be in accordance with social responsibility regulations.

Compliance and safety - As the equipment and installations must be considered as a workplace for many employees, compliance with national HSE-requirements is necessary. The operation of the plant must comply with all applicable national safety regulations and, at best, international best-practice approaches such as wastewater-treatment, electrical safety and many more.


Building and operational permit - According to local building law, the fire protection concept and the corresponding safety systems must be finally approved by the building authorities.


Timeline and cost - It is also vital that the setting up of a battery production plan proceeds according to schedule and milestones set in the initial planning phase. This includes ensuring suppliers delivery in accordance with the timeline. Any delay can result in a loss of money.


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Your benefits at A glance


TÜV SÜD accompanies you throughout the whole validation process until market access is gained. Our expertise helps to increase the efficiency in the R&D process, and we go extra miles for our customers: validation plan definition, test arrangement, operating test labs and more.


From battery production to battery testing: 

benefits of our battery production serices

  • Global setup with ear on the market and knowledge in local regulations
  • Large network of experts working together on your challenges
  • Experience in large projects with high complexity
  • High quality execution
  • Best service and reliable test results



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