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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Chile Approves Milk LABELLING Regulations 

Chile is on the verge of implementing new regulations that impose strict labelling requirements on producers of milk and dairy products.

According to a posting on the FoodNavigator website, Chile’s Chamber of Deputies and Senate unanimously approved regulations earlier this month requiring that packaging of milk and dairy products include information on the country of origin. In addition, front-of-package labelling must indicate whether the product is a mixture of different types of milk and, if so, the percentages of each type of milk used. 

Importantly, the regulations also forbid classifying a product as a milk product if its ingredients are not of animal origin. This restriction would apply to products made principally of almond, soy or other plant products.

The complete text of the FoodNavigator posting on Chile’s new milk labelling regulations is available here.


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