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Register your projects under various carbon credit programs

Register your projects under various carbon credit programs

Government legislation, corporate social regulations, stakeholders’and social demands expect companies to switch to low carbon emissions. Businesses that do not pay attention to their carbon footprint can soon find themselves at the risk of non-compliance and brand reputation as compared to their competitors.

TÜV SÜD helps you to register your projects under various carbon credit programs through our independent and specialised validation and verification services.

we offer the following services

Sustainability Reporting Verification

Sustainability reporting as per GRI guidelines puts forth the results of an organisation’s commitment towards achieving its sustainable development goals within a certain timeframe. TÜV SÜD supports companies as an independent third-party verifier of sustainability reports. 

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Carbon Footprint Verification

Carbon footprint verification helps quantify the greenhouse gas emissions that result from a company’s operations and thereby enables the company to demonstrate its commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change. The Verification Body for Greenhouse Gases of TÜV SÜD has provided verification and validation services since the beginning of the European Union Emission Trading System in 2005. With a market share of over 15% of all verified stationary plants in almost every industry, TÜV SÜD is the largest verification body in Germany.

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Life Cycle Study (ISO 14040 series) Verification

Environmental services from an expert partner will help you fulfil your environmental commitments to internationally recognised standards and best practices. Our knowledge and in-depth understanding of various aspects of environmental concerns also serve to provide informed decision making so that you can streamline your manufacturing processes, minimise risk, reduce consumption of resources such as energy and water, maximise reuse opportunities and enhance brand reputation.

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BRSR Sustainability Indicator Verification

The assurance of sustainability disclosure is a process of verification of processes and information disclosed by an organisation. It is normally done using the BRSR report framework for disclosing information in Principle 6 for Leadership & Essential indicators. Principle-6 asks for information about “if any independent assessment/ evaluation/assurance has been carried out by an external agency. Demonstrate third-party assurance of your organisation's BRSR report with our verification services.

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HIGG Facility Environmental Module (FEM) Index was developed with the objective to offer insights for manufacturers, owners, and retailers of their individual facilities in augmenting sustainability improvements across the supply chain. Verification of HIGG FEM Index provides facilities with a clear understanding of their overall social as well as environmental impact. This enables the manufacturers, owners and/or retailers to identify, prioritise and implement sustainability improvements across the supply chain. 

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