renewable fuels of non-biological origin and green hydrogen

COP26 Webinar Series: Renewable Fuels of non-biological origin and green hydrogen



The term ‘Renewable Fuels of non-biological origin’ (RFNBO) is mentioned in the EU Renewable Energy Directive II. What are the concrete requirements to be accepted as RFNBO? How can renewable fuels of non-biological origin requirements be proven to be fulfilled? Which certification schemes are already in place, and which further options are possible to market green hydrogen?

Due to the very young topic on the regulative side of hydrogen, many questions are open and shall be resolved quickly. For producers of fuels, hydrogen, and their derivatives and even more for traders and users of renewable fuels, it is very relevant to know about the opportunities and risks associated with renewable fuels of non-biological origin.


• Recent status of regulations and certification schemes within the EU

• Most relevant requirements for RFNBOs

• Specific aspects of green hydrogen

• Further aspects regarding Guarantees of Origin for renewable gases

MEET OUR speakers:

Sonia LeggSonia Legg

Webinar Host


A former broadcast journalist and television presenter who has worked for the BBC and Independent television in the UK. Sonia was also the Business Television Editor at Reuters international news agency for more than a decade, covering all the major global business stories post the financial crash. Now also a presentation skills consultant working with TÜV SÜD and others. Sonia will skilfully guide our speaker through this online event.



Klaus NrnbergerKlaus Nürnberger

TÜV SÜD Expert

Klaus Nürnberger is the Head of certification body “climate and energy” at TÜV SÜD. Besides managing the certification body, he audited in the last two decades in the field of climate protection projects according to Kyoto-Protocol and in parallel in the market of eco-power-products, biomethane- and green hydrogen-production.





Matthias Altmann

Matthias Altmann

LBST Expert

Matthias Altmann is Senior Consultant at Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST). He specializes in sustainable energy and transport technologies with a focus on hydrogen, and energy markets with more than 25 years of professional experience. He is an expert on hydrogen technologies, hydrogen and biofuels certification and energy infrastructures as well as related policies and regulations. Matthias Altmann has a long track record in managing comprehensive consulting projects for European institutions, national and regional ministries, as well as international industry clients in strategy, technology, and sustainability.

Since 2008, Matthias supports clients in sustainability certification and Life-Cycle Analyses; since 2014 he has been active in hydrogen certification, notably through leading LBST’s contributions to the European Hydrogen certification system “CertifHy”.


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