Lift and Escalator Consulting

Independent lift and escalator consultancy services

Independent lift and escalator consultancy services

Lift maintenance and operation management is extremely important to ensure maximum equipment lifespan and availability, as well as minimum equipment failure rate. Lift safety, reliability and performance are crucial for an effective operation of all lifts and escalators. That is why lifts need to meet all local and international legal regulations and standards. These factors are also essential when it comes to improvement, modernisation and replacement work. These services are usually outsourced to the maintenance companies. However, this poses another set of problems such as conflict of interest and the lack of transparency.

Benefits of TÜV SÜD lift and escalator consulting services

As an independent and neutral service provider, TÜV SÜD is able to provide unbiased advice based on condition assessments, maintenance assessments and expert opinions that serve your best interest.

  • We provide the best overall value as TÜV SÜD elevator planning experts evaluate and find the correct lift solution on your behalf. Your costs can be kept at a reasonable level and at the same time you can fulfil lift safety, reliability and performance

  • We enhance transparency and legal compliance by monitoring processes including lift maintenance and inspection status and ensuring that the documentation is compliant with laws and regulations

  • As a one-stop solution provider, we eliminate your administrative burden by taking over your elevator planning and maintenance management. 

  • We improve lift quality, availability and lifecycle by offering services that are truly needed

  • We improve your economic planning with profitability studies and cost estimates as a reliable basis for decision making 


TÜV SÜD Independent lift and escalator consulting services


A well-designed building should have enough elevator capacity to operate efficiently and ensure smooth and seamless movement of the expected building population. TÜV SÜD Vertical Transportation Design offers a plethora of services from pre-tender to commercial review to help you achieve that. The services include:

• Traffic studies
• Detailed design / planning
• Contract and technical reviews
• Project management
• Oversee commissioning



We look at your elevators or systems to find the cause of recurring faults. We recommend short-term and long-term measures and provide a framework for the repair costs to help you improve the quality, availability and lifecycle of your lift.

• Risk assessment
• Budget setting for financial planning
• Advise on health & safety requirements
•Technical and logistical problem solving
• Advise on statutory inspections
• Project planning
• Due diligence inspections
• Technical reviews of existing schemes



As the representative of your interest, we record, assess, initiate and check all processes in the elevators. We determine whether an offered service is necessary and negotiate for a reasonable price. Maintenance management prevents unnecessary repairs and offers a qualified assessment. For better economic planning, we work out a budget proposal that covers over several years. We also document all processes in our database for a supported elevator management system. The services include:

• Cost-effective maintenance plan
• Annual expenditure control 
• Unify approach related to health and safety



Modernisation and refurbishment identify the deviations from the state-of-the-art equipment. It also describes the measures necessary to eliminate or minimise existing dangers in an elevator. The services include:

• Risk assessment
• Bespoke specifications
• Site surveys
• Project management
• Witness tests
• Chair design meetings


TÜV SÜD- world-class, independent lift and escalator consultant

As an internationally established brand with more than 80 years of experience in the field of lift and elevator, TÜV SÜD can support your operations on a global scale. We are completely independent and always have your best interest in mind.

With a network across Germany, Middle East, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Hong Kong, we offer comprehensive and responsive services whenever you need it. Being the market leader for lifts, elevators and escalators with unrivalled experience and resources, you can have complete faith in our ability to tackle even the most complex project.


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