Comprehensive in-service Inspection Services

Optimise your transmission line and sub-station’s operational efficiency and upkeep safety

Optimise your transmission line and sub-station’s operational efficiency and upkeep safety


For uninterrupted power supply, a well-designed maintenance program to maintain the transmission line in trim and healthy condition is extremely critical. It is also required that complex assets should consistently deliver the desired output with zero downtime. While doing so, a safe and hazard free workplace, complying to local and international regulatory environment is also of prime importance. Maintaining reliability, extending the useful life of TL, increasing the electrical energy transmission capabilities, preventing failures and ensuring employee and public safety are few of the challenges that owners and developers are facing. 

Why is in-service inspection Important?

It is crucial that operators of critical and capital intensive industry ensure assets are monitored and maintained periodically to achieve planned efficiencies and productivity. An approach of preventive and predictive maintenance services through in-service inspection delivered by a trusted third-party service provider will not only help in early detection but also timely action, mitigating the risk of unplanned downtime and costs associated with it. While doing the above, as an operator you are assured about adhering to international, national and safety regulations ensuing smooth operations and clarity on social accountability.

How can we help you ?

As a one-stop solution provider, we provide a comprehensive service portfolio delivered by certified in-service inspectors to meet your specific requirements. Our services address the needs of preventive and predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, performance verification, process management, risk and safety management, operational management and render insights and knowledge on best practices to assist you to continuously improve your systems and processes.



    O&M monitoring and advisory
    Maintenance of transmission line plays an important role in transmitting a huge quantum of electrical power generated at various generating stations to the whole area of the country from one end to other end over several hundred kilometers. Our experts give advisory services that includes the line patrolling through digital photography, thermographic scanning for detecting hot spots, electric field measurement to identify damaged insulators and other similar tests. Our experts can help to do cold line maintenance and live line maintenance supervision. A complete check by walkdown survey and climbing the tower to identify damaged components are the few activities which ensure zero breakdown of your line.

    Failure analysis
    Frequent failures of transmission line like damage of conductor, huge line losses, frequent interruption of power supply, damage of tower and tower components required in-depth study and knowledge of technologies. Our expert will help you by investigating the failure by scientific approach and submit RCA by various testing and monitoring technique, design review, conductor
    specification, SOP review and detail analysis of O&M techniques. We provide detail report on the failure analysis that will help you to take critical decision to repair / replace components and financial recovery as per the contractual terms.

    Health and condition monitoring
    To keep the health condition of TL up to 25 -30 years a continuous monitoring and right maintenance technique is very much required. Our periodic safety and O&M audit will give clear insight of the damage part and probable condition of the TL and substation equipment with latest inspection techniques. Our expert’s visual and instrumental check of entire TL and sub-station network will help you to identify critical areas to improve transmission and uptime.

    Inspection services
    Regulatory bodies and local authorities mandate regular inspections for workplace safety and legal protection in order to ensure safety of work environment and avoid accidents. To help you comply with these mandates, our portfolio includes technical inspection, verification, testing and conformity assessment services during in-service, shutdown, turnaround and maintenance with the help of qualified experts. Our in-service inspection ensures that your business remains sustainable by implementing best-in-class maintenance practices and guaranteeing continued product quality.

    • Enhance productivity, operations and efficiency - through our in-service inspection services for various
      assets across sectors.
    • Minimise risks and gain certainty – with our support to optimise the maintenance and operation of your assets.
    • Ensure zero downtime – for your plant with our preventive and predictive in-service inspection and maintenance services.
    • Ensure safe working environment – and minimise the risk of safety incidents for your projects with regular maintenance and overhaul.
    • Instill stakeholder confidence – in your systems and processes by avoiding hazardous accidents and improving quality and safety.
    • Comply with local and international regulatory requirements – for safety of workforce at the plant site by ensuring that all equipment is functional and in order.
    • Work with an expert partner – through the systematic involvement of our experienced teams in all aspects of operational quality and integrity.


Our reputation as an independent third-party technical in-service inspection service provider ensures reliability of equipment and mitigates the risk of accidents and safety incidents. We offer a wide range of in-service inspection services to maximise your plant’s effective maintenance and operations. We support you with extensive experience accumulated from international, public, private and joint sector projects, coupled with an in-depth familiarity with all relevant local directives and standards. Our qualified in-service inspectors ensure that both your owned and leased equipment and components continue to operate seamlessly without unscheduled and costly downtimes. O&M monitoring ensures that new and recurring issues with the equipment are detected and corrected in time. Considered authorities in the field of inspection, our experts proactively participate in the preparation of national and international directives and standards governing effective plant operation and safety.


Comprehensive In-service inspection service

Optimise your transmission line and sub-station’s operational efficiency and upkeep safety

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