Discover the Power of Infrared Thermography Inspections

Discover the Power of Infrared Thermography Inspections

Why Choose Infrared Thermography?

Cost-Effective Risk Detection: We use the latest infrared cameras to identify areas of abnormal temperature without interrupting your operations. We diagnose issues and determine the severity of potential electrical and mechanical failures. For every $1 spent, expect a $5 return on investment.

Preventative Maintenance: Avoid untimely shutdowns, property losses, and increased operating costs.

Exceptional Service: With a client satisfaction rate that speaks volumes—77% reporting experiences as “better than expected” and no clients saying we fell below expectations—our knowledgeable engineers deliver first-rate service.

What We Offer

Comprehensive Reports: Detailed analysis pinpointing problems and recommend cost-effective solutions.

Severity and Impact Ratings: Each inspection comes with a detailed report including severity and impact ratings, equipment inventory, and business impact analysis. It’s all accessible through GRC Connect, our online data management system.

Ultrasonic Testing: Our use of ultrasonic testing alongside infrared imaging allows for the identification of critical issues like internal and external tracking/arcing problems in high voltage equipment—issues that are invisible to infrared imaging alone.

Ready to Protect Your Facility?

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