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increase operational performance and reduce the life cycle cost with membrane autopsy

A detailed analysis of the membrane that can help to identify various causes of performance drop and action items to implement. It is like forensic analysis, help to identify culprit and gives useful recommendations. Its an effective way to increase operational performance and reduce the life cycle cost.

Plant owners and operators face constant pressure to save costs in terms of membrane replacements, consumables, energy and labour. Moreover, utilizing common system-oriented operating KPIs is not sufficient for driving sustainable optimisation. UF / NF / RO membrane elements are critical to plant performance yet their condition is largely unknown and only indirectly measurable, as operations do not allow inspection of the complex physical-chemical processes inside the elements. This lack of comprehensive UF / NF / RO membrane condition documentation is a major disadvantage when seeking to optimise plant performance and engaging with membrane, chemical and other component suppliers.

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  • Introduction to Desalination
  • Principles of Membrane Technology
  • Membranes Today
  • Common problems in water treatment
  • Membrane Autopsy
  • Q&A session

BUSINESS BENEFITS OF membrane autopsy

  • Save money – with systematic UF / NF / RO plant operation and maintenance optimisation and extension of membrane life.
  • Sustain performance – with in-depth operational insights of your plant, ensuring delivery of planned quantity and quality.
  • Minimise risk – through increased plant production availability and reduced downtime of systems and components.
  • Enjoy global support – with a worldwide network, access to leading practices in the RO sector and the best local knowledge in all key markets.

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