INMETRO certification for vehicles and auto parts

INMETRO certification for vehicles and auto parts

Support for the INMETRO regulatory approval of automotive components

Support for the INMETRO regulatory approval of automotive components

What is INMETRO certification?

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) is a Brazilian regulatory agency that evaluates compliance requirements for products manufactured in or exported to Brazil. Amongst others, INMETRO covers many consumer and industrial products, including electric and medical devices, household appliances, but also automotive components, tires, wheels, and luminaires. Manufacturers and suppliers need to have their products tested and certified by a recognised Certification Body, who then apply their own mark as well as the INMETRO seal of approval.
The INMETRO certification scheme serves to establish a minimum standard of quality and safety for a comprehensive list of components, which is constantly evolving as new regulations are released and current ones are updated.

Automotive parts that need to be INMETRO-certified include:
• ARLA 32 (AdBlue)
• Axial bars
• Horns
• King pins
• Lamps and bulbs
• Locking rings
• Motorcycle components
• Piston pins, piston rings and pistons
• Shock absorbers
• Steering rods
• Tie bars and tie bar ends
• Tyres and wheels

Why is the INMETRO certification important?

Having a product certified by an INMETRO accredited CB provides assurance that the product complies with Brazilian regulations and required safety standards. If you are planning to introduce products to the Brazilian market that require certification, it is essential that they are tested and approved by an accredited provider. Failure to do so could lead to products being banned, and you could receive a fine.

Therefore, INMETRO certification ensures that your vehicles and auto parts can be sold on the Brazilian market, which means:

  • You have legal access to South America’s largest market and the world’s fourth-biggest automotive market
  • You avoid loss of sales revenue and being denied from market access
  • You assure your reputation and avoid customs issues when exporting your vehicles and automotive components

TÜV SÜD’s local experts support you to receive INMETRO certification for your vehicles and components

At TÜV SÜD, we are committed to helping you understand and achieve conformity to the latest INMETRO requirements to tap into the vast potential of Brazil’s automotive market. Supported by our global network of testing facilities and homologation experts, we offer a comprehensive range of INMETRO certification services to help you achieve INMETRO approval of your products. TÜV SÜD is fully accredited to provide all the necessary services for INMETRO compliance, including factory audits, legal representative assessments, testing and technical evaluation.

With over 100 years’ of experience in automobile testing and certification, we have the knowledge and technical facilities to test and approve your automotive to receive an IMETRO mark.

Obtaining INMETRO certification is a five-step process which involves a comprehensive assessment of your product’s performance. Mandatory annual audits must also be conducted to ensure that the product certification is properly maintained. Additionally, every four years a recertification is necessary.

We take you step-by-step through the process to make sure your automotive product is fully certified according to the latest INMETRO requirements:

INMETRO Certification Table

TÜV SÜD’s INMETRO certification services

Our homologation experts and strategic partners provide homologation services to help you achieve conformity and certify your products to INMETRO requirements.

INMETRO certification

We assist you in meeting the requirements to obtain the mandatory INMETRO certification mark required to export your automotive components to Brazil.

Component testing

We conduct the full range of testing services on your automotive components to ensure that they meet the requirements of the INMETRO certification scheme.

Homologation service

We assist you throughout the entire approval process and our local Portuguese-speaking experts provide a range of services such as:

• Gap analyses
• Technical support to achieve conformity
• Preparation of information documents, test samples and homologation plan
• Handling of communications with local authorities on your behalf

International compliance management

TÜV SÜD helps you understand and identify the overlaps and evolving regulatory requirements so you can achieve multiple certifications within one project.


E-Book: Gateway to Brazil - An automotive guide to INMETRO

Gateway to Brazil

This e-book helps you to understand the INMETRO requirements for automotive components.

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