AI will impact you and your business


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key technologies of this decade; mastering it will be critical for organisations’ competitive advantage moving forward. However, AI’s potential has not been fully realised due to legal uncertainty and a lack of trust in AI systems.

To overcome this roadblock, governments, regulators, and industries have begun to pay more attention to AI implementation. More regulations and standards will be developed to oversee AI, such as the upcoming European AI Act.

Yet, organisations: 

  • are not aware of current and upcoming AI standards, much less how they will be affected by AI regulations
  • don’t know how AI quality is defined and assured
  • struggle to understand compliance with existing and upcoming regulations, and how to manage AI quality during development and operation
  • struggle with planning and implementing a quality framework that meets AI standards, as well as governance and management requirements from AI regulations

AI Quality

We have designed an AI Quality Framework that consolidates the best practices and latest developments in standardisation and global regulatory efforts. 

Our AI Quality framework establishes essential trust in AI, anticipates upcoming AI regulation, and enables organisations to utilise and deliver the full potential of AI whilst controlling its risks.


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