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TÜV SÜD Becomes One of TCO certified recognized independent and accredited verification organizations

Taiwan/Taipei Recently, TÜV SÜD Taiwan has become an approved verifier of TCO Certified and is now available for conducting product testing, social and environmental review in accordance with TCO Certified criteria and supporting our clients to receive TCO Certified certificates.

TCO Certified is the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products. The comprehensive criteria are designed to drive social and environmental responsibility throughout the product life cycle. Covering 11 product categories including computers, mobile devices, display products, and data center products, compliance is independently verified, both pre and post-certification. TCO is origin from Swedish, which means "The Swedish Confederation of The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees Professional Employees". This is an organization that provides health protection for Swedish white-collar workers working in various working environments, mainly to reduce the health hazards caused by various office equipment to personnel as much as possible.


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