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Requirement of European Applicant for GS certification - Revised Product Safety Act
GS認證關於歐洲申請人的要求 - 德國產品安全法的修訂

Dear Client, 尊敬的客户,

Please be informed that the German Product Safety Law (ProdSG), which serves as the legal foundation for the GS Mark has been revised and comes into force on July 16, 2021.
請知悉,作為GS標誌法律基礎的德國產品安全法 (ProdSG) 已修訂並將於 2021年7月16日生效。

TÜV SÜD is committed to ensure that you further comply to all necessary requirements, and therefore supports you in the application of the law.
TÜV SÜD集團將一如既往地致力於確保您能夠遵守其中必需的要求,從而支持您對此法律的具體應用。

One of the key changes in the new law: If the manufacturer is located outside of the European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liech-tenstein) or cannot provide a legally registered address in the EU for servicing a summons, a legal representative shall submit the application on behalf of the manufacturer.
新法律的主要變化之一:如果製造商位於歐盟(EU) 或歐洲自由貿易聯盟(EFTA: 冰島,挪威,瑞士,列支敦士登) 以外,或無法提供在歐盟合法註冊的地址用以接受傳喚,則法定授權代表應代替製造商提交證書申請。

As such, our application process for GS mark has been modified as following:

  1. Case 1: Manufacturer located in the EU/EFTA: No change to the current process.
    情況 1:製造商位於歐盟/歐洲自由貿易聯盟境內:目前流程沒有變化;
  2. Case 2: Manufacturer not located in EU/EFTA but EU-/EFTA-authorized representative known at the time of application: Representative signs the application as applicant and man-ufacturer signs as certificate holder. GS project will be processed as per current process.
    情況 2:製造商不在歐盟/歐洲自由貿易聯盟,但在申請時有歐盟/歐洲自由貿易聯盟境內的授權代表:授權代表作為申請人,製造商作為證書持有人同時簽署申請。 GS項目將按照目前流程進行處理;
  3. Case 3: Manufacturer not located in EU/EFTA and EU-/ EFTA-authorized representative not known at the time of application: TÜV SÜD Safety Mark can be applied by Manufacturer, which will include all requirements of GS project. Once the EU-/EFTA-authorized repre-sentative is available, application for GS mark is signed by the representative and GS Mark will be issued based on the TÜV SÜD Safety Mark project.
    情況 3:製造商不在歐盟/歐洲自由貿易聯盟境內,並且在申請時沒有歐盟/歐洲自由貿易聯盟境內的授權代表:製造商可以先申請TÜV SÜD安全認證標誌(TÜV SÜD Safety Mark),它將包括GS專案的全部要求。一旦有歐盟/歐洲自由貿易聯盟境內的授權代表後,GS認證申請將由該代表簽署,GS證書將在TÜV SÜD安全認證(TÜV SÜD Safety Mark)專案的基礎上頒發。

Please contact your customer representative at TÜV SÜD for further details.
請聯繫TÜV SÜD 案件工程師或是負責您產品類別的業務代表以了解更多詳情。



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