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4. September 2019

ÉMI-TÜV SÜD under new Leadership

Miklós Cseresznyák is the new CEO of ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Kft. Bringing extensive management experience to his role, Miklós Cseresznyák will strengthen ÉMI-TÜV SÜD’s current position on the domestic market. ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Kft. is a joint venture of ÉMI Non-profit Llc. and German testing and certification organisation TÜV SÜD AG.

Before joining ÉMI-TÜV SÜD, Miklós Cseresznyák held several managerial positions, most recently with Schréder Hungary Plc., and previously with other companies in Hungary’s electrical and electronics industries. The new CEO of ÉMI-TÜV SÜD has gained significant commercial and managerial experience. He graduated from Kandó Kálmán College (Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Budapest, and completed his Master’s studies at the Faculty of Business and Management of the University of Economics.

Miklós Cseresznyák worked at Schréder Hungary Plc. from 2008 to 2019, first as Commercial Director and later in the role of Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, the Belgian-based international company which specialises in the development, production and sales of public and decorative lighting became the market leader in Hungary. From 2005 to 2008, Miklós Cseresznyák was Head of Sales and later Head of Strategic Purchasing at ELME Automation Ltd. At the start of his career, he worked as an engineering sales representative, product manager and, subsequently, sales manager at Phoenix Contact, a company operating in the fields of electrical connection and automation technologies.

ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Kft. is a joint venture of ÉMI Non-profit Llc. (Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft / ÈMI Non-Profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building) and German TÜV SÜD AG. For over 25 years, ÉMI-TÜV SÜD has assisted its partners by supplying high-level professional services and modern, well-equipped laboratory facilities to provide clients in Hungary with customized solutions.

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