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“Future in your hands”: TÜV SÜD's new campaign addresses talents worldwide

With the launch of its new employer branding concept, “Future in your hands”, TÜV SÜD is addressing talents worldwide, showcasing the full variety of its fields of activities and career opportunities as a modern certification and service organisation. The new campaign focuses on TÜV SÜD's own employees as brand ambassadors.

“In our 'Future in your hands' campaign, we want to underline the huge diversity of the job options and development opportunities available at TÜV SÜD throughout the world”, explains Claudia Delp, Head of the Global HR Centre of Excellence for Talent Acquisition and Talent Development. As a certification body and provider of technical services, TÜVSÜD spans an enormous range of technical disciplines, from inspection of mountain cable cars and lifts to food safety and data security. The range of industries is equally diverse, extending from mobility and infrastructure to health and energy, retail and consumer goods. “Many potential job candidates are unaware of the variety of jobs that we offer, and we aim to change this”, says Delp.

Future in your hands: employees as brand ambassadors

The international campaign centres on TÜV SÜD's own employees in their real-life work environment and will be launched in print and social media. Gabriele Sommer, Head of Corporate Human Resources, also emphasises that “providing authentic insights is at the core of the campaign”. Tatjana Sanchez is an auditor assessing breweries in Spain, while Volker Kron puts expedition equipment through its paces and Karl Schneider dons his helmet to climb down into the Berchtesgaden salt mines for a thorough inspection.

“As our employees perform their inspection and testing activities, they hold the future in their hands in a very real sense. They are frequently the first to assess new technologies, thereby significantly impacting the future of society. As they make far-reaching decisions, they also carry a lot of responsibility”, explains Sommer. Given this, the central theme of “Future in your hands” is very closely linked to TÜV SÜD's DNA. Yet it also covers a second aspect, as Delp points out: “Employees wish to shape their personal future proactively, so that in this sense too, they hold the future in their hands. TÜV SÜD is an attractive employer and offers many opportunities in this area, so we plan to turn the spotlight on those opportunities.”

Three core messages – and the octagon

The series of campaign visuals presents three core messages: “Passion for Technology” showcases the interest in all things technical that drives many of TÜV SÜD's employees. The images show people at work dealing with individual forms of technology, in an industrial facility or laboratory and interacting with colleagues or a customer. The second core message, “Professional Excellence”, focuses on the outstanding expertise and skills of TÜV SÜD's employees. Delivering the best possible solutions to our customers and to society itself, they put their personal know-how to optimum use and continually improve their abilities. “Leave a Mark”, the third core message, shows the impact that work at TÜV SÜD can have on society in general. The visual language is inspired by the well-known blue octagon that is the TÜV SÜD mark.

“Of course, we are also observing an increasing scarcity of qualified personnel, yet will experience a growing need for highly qualified staff in the years ahead. At present, we already take in 3,000 new recruits per year“, explains Gabriele Sommer. With 24,000 people working at around 1,000 locations throughout the world, TÜV SÜD already has a broad international base and is represented in 50 countries worldwide. The percentage of women in leadership positions is approximately 21 per cent at present and is set to rise further.

For more information, visit TÜV SÜD's career page:

TÜV SÜD's current employer branding campaign can also be found on TÜV SÜD's social media channels on Instagram and Linkedin under the hashtag #FUTUREINYOURHANDS.  

Press-contact: Sabine Krömer


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