TÜV SÜD is one of the first companies in the world to be awarded ISO 19443 accreditation

TÜV SÜD is one of the first companies in the world to be awarded ISO 19443 accreditation

May 2022

Futureproof your business across the global nuclear supply chain


As one of the first companies worldwide to become ISO 19443 accredited (COFRAC N°4-0626), TÜV SÜD is now authorised to certify under accreditation organisations that can demonstrate compliance to ISO 19443.


ISO 19443 aims to optimise safety and quality throughout the entire nuclear supply chain, helping to create long-term, sustainable business relationships. It is applicable to any organisation, regardless of type or size, that supplies nuclear products, systems and services. Its scope covers the entire supply chain and includes purchasing and delivery, design and maintenance services, as well as manufacturers of components and systems.

Get Certified and Gain a global competitive advantage

ISO 19443 is becoming required for organisations within the nuclear energy sector supply chain, increasingly. Operators demand long-term and dependable relationships with their suppliers and certification gives you complete confidence that your business's quality management system meets the rigorous standards of the nuclear industry. More and more, major operators demand accredited ISO 19443 certification in their calls for tender.

ISO 19443 certification also futureproofs your organisation, helping it to gain a competitive advantage as the standard showcases the quality and reliability of processes, forward-thinking preparation, leadership and strategic planning. Successful certification also gives your business the potential to enlarge market share through improved access to new markets and international nuclear power projects.

Profit from our Worldwide nuclear industry support network

TÜV SÜD is a globally recognised name in the nuclear field, having provided exceptional quality, in-depth insight and implementation of industry standards for more than 60 years. Our experts are involved in the development of standards at a national and international level and were part of the standards group that defined ISO 19443.

We fully understand the business and regulatory demands of nuclear plant licensees, as well as the challenges faced throughout the nuclear supply chain. For organisations tackling ISO 19443 for the first time, we can help you to determine your readiness for certification.

Our global services cover ISO 19443 training, pre-audit gap analysis and the final certification audit. The certification process for ISO 19443 includes a three-year audit cycle. After the initial audit and certificate issuance, there are regular surveillance audits every year for the following two years. A recertification audit must occur at the end of the third year for reissued certification. 


ISO 19443 certification

COFRAC = French Accreditation Body


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