Your regular update for technical and industry information

Your regular update for technical and industry information

Unannounced audits: Questions from the field 

TÜV SÜD has carried out more than 1,000 unannounced audits at medical device manufacturers worldwide since March 2014. The surprise visits to factories follow from EU Commission Recommendation 2013/473/EU of September 24, 2013, and have since become a mandatory element in the audit program of the Notified Bodies. In spite of initial concerns, all the new audits were handled smoothly and professionally by both manufacturers and auditors. The TÜV SÜD auditors have collected the questions frequently asked by manufacturers in unannounced audits and compiled them in a clear and concise FAQ document. This free document in PDF format will prove a helpful guide and reference for all manufacturers of medical devices who wish to prepare thoroughly for unannounced audits. The latest revision of the document in English updated in May is available for download here.

Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions [updated as of May 2017]


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