ZDHC Chemical Management System Technical Industry Guide (ZDHC CMS TIG)

Training course

Training course


22rd - 23rd Dec 2022 | 2 days
Language: English


The training course "ZDHC Chemical Management System Technical Industry Guide" (ZDHC CMS TIG) is designed to develop an understanding of the CMS TIG Framework. It also provides practical guidance for implementing CMS TIG minimum requirements and the best practices.

The course aims at relevant personnel within suppliers’ organizations and the auditors evaluating facilities for their CMS implementation. However, we encourage participants to attend the training course "ZDHC Chemical Management System” as a foundation before attending this course.

The ZDHC CMS TIG training and guide focuses on harmonizing requirements across the brands and suppliers to implement sustainable chemical management. Suppliers can tailor and implement their plans to meet the harmonised expectations, whether they are a tannery, dye-house, mill, printer, footwear assembly unit, or other kinds of facility.


The course will include all nine (9) sections of the CMS TIG. Time spent on each section might differ and can be subject to learners' knowledge level. Please check our calendar and contact us for more information on the specific course. 

1. Start of the CMS Journey - Preparation and Planning

  •   Chemical Management Policy
  •   Chemical Management Strategy
  •   Assessments (regulatory, chemical, supply chain, safer alternative)

Build Up through Action - Implementation

  •   Health & Safety
  •   Chemical Inventory
  •   Storage & Handling

 Monitor and Accelarate – Review and Update

  •   Output Management (wastewater, sludge, air emission, solid waste, process control)
  •   Continuous Improvement

what are your benefits?

  • Create a policy document that outlines the commitment (statement) of the supplier’s leadership and includes procedures and practices adopted for purchasing, transparency and traceability of chemicals used;
  • Transform that policy into a strategy as part of implementing a chemical management system;
  • Conduct assessments of a supplier's regulatory compliance, chemical hazard and risk, supply chain partners’ capabilities and safer alternatives;
  • Implement health & safety actions for chemical exposure control, PPE and emergency response procedures for all staff;
  • Manage a Chemical Inventory List (CIL) and SDS to make informed purchasing decisions, promote responsible chemical use, increase traceability, simplify chemical handling decisions, and control disposal costs;
  • Ensure safe Storage and Handling procedures for chemicals purchased;
  • Use tools to manage Output concerning wastewater, sludge, air and solid waste outputs. It helps reduce pollution and supports Process Control to ensure proper implementation of a CMS through holding and controlling records and documents, incidence management, general maintenance and housekeeping.
  • Work on Continuous Improvement practices such as conducting a CMS review, internal or external audits and improvements in identified areas, including onsite training.


To enroll, please fill out the form on the webpage accordingly.


2 days




The participant will have ZDHC Certificate after successfully passing 75/100 on the examination by ZDHC. If you have not had a ZDHC Academy account, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] 


Nguyen Minh Truc (Msc.) – ZDHC nominated trainer. Truc has over 15 years of experience in product, environment testing, certification, and chemical safety. He is now the head of softlines – chemical analysis of TÜV SÜD Vietnam. Truc graduates in analytical chemistry – Roskilde Denmark.

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