SS 668 Cold Chain Management of Chilled and Frozen Food

Optimise the reliability of your cold chain processes

Optimise the reliability of your cold chain processes

WHAT IS SS 668:2020?

SS 668 is a Singapore standard for cold chain management system of chilled and frozen food. This standard was established as a benchmark for chilled and frozen food with the objective of widespread application for all industry players concerned.

Officially approved in December 2020, SS 668 consists of 5 parts, with Part 1 to be audited and Part 2 to 5 are standards to be used for references, where applicable:

  • Part 1: General requirements
  • Part 2: Code of practice for meat
  • Part 3: Code of practice for vegetables and fruits
  • Part 4: Code of practice for fish
  • Part 5: Code of practice for chilled table eggs


This standard applies to all organisations involved in chilled and frozen food. Getting audited and certified under SS 668 has several benefits. Your organisation can achieve assurances such as:

  • A temperature-controlled environment throughout the supply chain
  • Product freshness
  • Shelf-life
  • Quality (including nutritional value and sensory characteristics)
  • Consistent supply of quality and safe food for consumers
  • Win customer trust and enhance your organisation’s credibility
  • Meet statutory and regulatory requirements in the food industry
  • Strengthen your supplier and vendor relations
  • Gain a competitive edge and become a preferred vendor for your customers


Stakeholders in the following sectors in cold chain management can adopt the SS 668 standard:

  • Cold chain operations including temperature/time measurement and cold chain validation
  • Cold room facilities including processing/packing room, cold room and anteroom
  • Transportation, including air, sea, land, and distribution
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Retail outlets

With the adoption of SS668, it will strengthen your cold chain management system by identifying and establishing the following elements:

  • Establish the cold chain policy & objectives
  • Establish requirements of controlled cold chain conditions at all stages
  • Implement training programs for personnel involved in your cold chain management
  • Proper control of documented information
  • Specify purchase requirements for cold chain equipment, accessories, and perishable ingredients
  • Establish control of product and process nonconformities
  • Systematic review of the system through internal audit and management review


For any enquiry or information on SS 668 Cold Chain Management of Chilled and Frozen Food, please contact us here.

Reference: SAC CT 25


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