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Maritime AIS market

White paper

White paper


AIS is a system used by ships and vessels for identification at sea. AIS helps to resolve the difficulty of identifying ships by providing position, course, speed and other crucial ship data with all other nearby ships and vessel traffic services stations. It is important for these systems to be certified in conjunction with all applicable regulatory requirements to meet the growing demands of the AIS markets and manufacturers need to be aware of the different international standards and requirements for AIS. This white paper takes a closer look at the impact of these requirements on testing and certification, and discusses what manufacturers need to do to get past these hurdles and ensure best in class services. The article concludes with a look at the increasingly important role that manufacturers play in ensuring that testing and certification efforts support safety at sea.

Why download the white paper?

  • Understand the international regulatory standards and requirements for vessels using the AIS system
  • Learn how to ensure best in class services as an AIS manufacturer

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