Megatrend: Sustainability

Managing growth for the good of all

Managing growth for the good of all

Managing growth for the good of all

Our wants are infinite. Unfortunately, our resources are not. Current projections put the world’s population at 9.6 billion by 2050. Our ability to meet the needs of tomorrow comes down to the decisions we make today. That is why we are helping businesses meet their responsibilities to employees, customers and the environment through a balanced, sustainable approach.

Sustainability efforts create shared value for all stakeholders by addressing economic, social and environmental issues that intersect with their business. Recognising the growing consumer interest in sustainable sourcing and products also enables businesses to capture greater market share and sustain consumer engagement. The following case studies showcase the competitive advantage sustainability delivers for businesses.

  • Bringing safe sanitation to all

    Sustainability Reinvent the Toilet

    To bring safe sanitation to 2.3 billion people worldwide, we have partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on several projects to support the ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ challenge. Through ISO standards development, we are enabling the commercialisation of innovative ideas that could benefit billions. Read more about the case study here.  

  • Energy storage solutions for smart grids

    Sustainability CNESA

    Testing and certification of power devices against conformity requirements are fundamental to building reliable smart grids. Together with China Energy Storage Alliance, we have developed a battery energy storage system guideline to support the safe handling of energy storage technology. The full length version of this case study was published as part of the Smart City China report here.

  • Mitigating operational risk of offshore wind farm

    Sustainability Nordsee One

    From monitoring of manufacturing, transport, erection / installation and commissioning of the entire offshore wind farm to operational release approval from the responsible German authority, our experts ensured that all components conform to given requirements in order to mitigate operational risk in the certification of a new offshore wind farm, Nordsee One.

  • Uncovering energy saving potential

    Sustainability KISCO

    We enabled KISCO, a steel manufacturer in Korea, with industrial energy saving solutions using a technically advanced methodology to reduce operating costs. To do so, we collaborated with iDRS, a demand response company, to minimise the impact of fluctuating energy consumption.


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