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TÜV SÜD – life-cycle partner of the real estate industry

Munich. TÜV SÜD presents itself as a life-cycle partner of the real-estate industry from 12 to 15 March 2019 at MIPIM in Cannes. Its presence at the international flagship trade fair of the real-estate industry will focus on services based on digital twin technology as well as services for Building Information Modelling (BIM), building simulation and sustainability certification. (Stand R7.G16)


Increasing digitalisation is bringing changes to the processes in the real-estate industry – from design to construction and operation. TÜV SÜD uses digital twin technology as a basis for developing new services that span all the phases in a building’s life cycle and address areas including property management, lift management and technical due diligence (TDD). Digital twin software is based on Building Information Modelling (BIM), an integrated model-based work method used for the generation and management of information in building projects. “The digital prototype of a building provides us with the option of simulating the performance and interaction of building service systems, allowing potential problems or non-conformities to be identified and remedied at a very early stage”, explains Joachim Birnthaler, Head of TÜV SÜD Real Estate & Infrastructure Division.




In addition, in BIM2FM, BIM models can also be used to improve the efficiency of building management. “In the operational phase, BIM models deliver a complete, standardised and reliable database for computer-aided facility management (CAFM)”, points out Birnthaler. “By integrating new forms of sensor technology, IoT devices and CAFM systems, BIM models can be used to develop extremely efficient operating concepts.” However, to achieve this target, the entire life cycle of a building must be considered right from the initial project concept and design stage. Birnthaler also notes that correct implementation of the BIM model must be accompanied by comprehensive BIM management with all appropriate reviews and supported by simulations of the building and equipment.


But simulations have an important role to play in other areas besides the BIM environment. By using mathematical models to predict real-life events, planners can optimize the energy-related, ergonomic and ecological specifications of buildings. This not only applies when planning new builds, but can also be used in analysis and optimisation of existing buildings. The portfolio of services supplied by TÜV SÜD in this area includes thermal building simulations, equipment simulations, CFD flow simulations and fire/smoke extraction simulations.


Transaction services and sustainability certificates


TÜV SÜD’s transaction services, ranging from ‘classic’ due diligence to property valuations and sustainability certification, can reduce transaction risks and protect investments over the long term. In this context, sustainability certificates are becoming increasingly important when it comes to the assessment of long-term value of properties. Certificates according to international standards are in particularly high demand. With almost 567,000 certificates awarded in 80 countries, the BREEAM standard is the number one in Europe and worldwide. In 2016 TÜV SÜD acquired DIFNI (German Private Institute for Sustainable Real Estate), thereby becoming an exclusive licence partner for BREEAM certification in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. New builds have also been eligible for BREEAM certification since last year. BREEAM DE Neubau 2018 is the national adapted version of BREEAM Int. New Construction 2016 and the first German-language BREEAM standard for assessing real-estate sustainability. It can be applied to both commercial and residential properties.


Further information on TÜV SÜD's comprehensive services for the real-estate industry can be found on the Internet at www.tuev-sued.de/real-estate.


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