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Make your Mark on the Lives of Billions

Currently, 3.5 billion people lack safe sanitation and only 2% of human waste is disposed of safely. This results in millions of needless deaths and traps entire communities in poverty while destroying ecosystems and wasting precious resources.

TÜV SÜD plays an integral role in the development of safe, sustainable sanitation to uplift human health and well-being but it takes collective effort. We strongly believe in working with stakeholders to accelerate impact. Together, let's ensure dignity, equality, and safety for all. Join us in making our mark on the lives of billions.

Benefits at a glance


  • Show investors and potential customers clear, verified evidence that your innovative technologies meet communities’ needs.
  • Demonstrate performance and safety by participating in pilots in partnership with TÜV SÜD and authorities.
  • Use the Sanitation Readiness Index (SRI) to assess the readiness of Non-Sewered Sanitation Systems (NSSS).


  • Use our training services to gain expertise to evaluate, qualify, and support plans to deliver environmentally sound outcomes.
  • Change behaviours and improve the culture of sanitation in local communities.


  • Establish sanitation best practices and benchmarks.
  • Guide and support the development of effective strategies that advance the agenda of achieving UN SDG 6.2. by 2030.
  • Achieve new standards in safe, sustainable sanitation

    To make your mark on the world of sanitation, innovators must show investors and policymakers that their technologies meet communities’ needs. TÜV SÜD has developed international standards for sanitation innovations - ISO 30500 for non-sewered sanitation systems (NSSS) and ISO 31800 for faecal sludge treatment units.

    By providing testing, inspection and certification services, we give communities and policymakers the confidence to trust innovative sanitation technologies.

  • Building knowledge for impact

    Learn to navigate the new world of sanitation with training on sanitation standards and testing, drawing on our experience in standard development, lab testing, and fieldwork. The Training uses real-world expertise in ISO 30500 and ISO 31800 standards, and can be tailored to classroom or workshop settings based on your objectives. Sessions are led by qualified instructors skilled at teaching a variety of skill levels, from beginners to experts.

  • Prepare to make your mark

    The Sanitation Readiness Index (SRI) is an online tool that checks if sanitation systems align with the ISO 30500 standards. For NSSS manufacturers, the SRI evaluates certification readiness by assessing three main areas: how the system performs, its processes, and its paperwork.


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