Certified Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessor Programme (SIRI)

Become a Certified SIRI Assessor to professionally assess a manufacturing facility

Become a Certified SIRI Assessor to professionally assess a manufacturing facility

What will you gain by enrolling for this Industry 4.0 Training and Certification Programme?

  • Globally recognised Certified SIRI Assessor Certification
  • Be equipped to conduct Official SIRI Assessments for your clients
  • Gain knowledge of Industry 4.0, SIRI frameworks and tools, and business consulting concepts

What is the Certified Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessor (CSA) Programme?

Developed by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EBD) and its partners, the SIRI comprises a suite of frameworks and tools to help manufacturers – regardless of their size and industry start, scale, and sustain their manufacturing transformation journeys.

As an Approved Training Provider, TÜV SÜD can equip industry practitioners with the requisite industry knowledge and skills through this Smart Industry Readiness Index programme to become a CSA to assess manufacturing facilities!

Programme Duration

Instructor-led Virtual SIRI Training Course (5-day) & Examination (Theory and Practical) 

  • Available training sessions (9AM – 6PM SGT): 
    29 Aug – 2 Sep / 3 – 7 Oct
  • Available examination dates:
    22 – 26 Aug / 19 – 23 Sep / 21 – 25 Nov

Who should enroll for the CSA Programme?

Industry practitioners looking to become a CSA and in-house Subject Matter Experts from manufacturing companies keen to better understand the frameworks and tools used in the SIRI Assessment to conduct internal, informal assessments for their firms are welcome to enrol for the SIRI Assessor Training Course. 

Your learning path and certification roadmap

SIRI Online Training and SIRI Training certification

Programme Details

The programme consists of a training course and certification scheme:

  • A) SIRI Assessor Training Course

    The SIRI Assessor Training Course will equip industry practitioners with the requisite industry knowledge and skills to become a CSA. The curriculum covers content on:

    • Industry 4.0
    • SIRI frameworks and tools
    • Business consulting concepts
    • Methodology for conducting an Official SIRI Assessment 

    Note: Applicants could register for the training course without any requirements. To be qualified for the examination and certified as a CSA, the pre-requisites stated in the section below, ‘B) Certification Scheme’ will have to be met. 

  • B) Certification Scheme

    After completing the SIRI Assessor Training Course, candidates will have to meet the pre-requisites listed below to be eligible to register for the CSA Examination. 

    The CSA Examination consists of two sections: a theory paper comprising multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and a practical case interview. 

    TÜV SÜD is the appointed Examination Body administering the CSA Examination on behalf of EDB.


    Criteria Required


    Academic Qualifications

    Relevant Degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”) subjects.

    Applicant to submit proof of academic qualifications

    Professional Experience

    Consulting:At least 3 years of job experience relating to advisory work and activities.


    Domain Expertise:At least 5 years of job experience relating to the manufacturing sector.

    Applicant to submit CV/ resume highlighting job scope and responsibilities.


    2 referees from manufacturing and/or advisory projects over the last 2 years.

    Applicant to provide 2 referees for verification.

    Coursework Requirements

    Complete at least 40 hours of approved coursework at any EDB-approved training provider. Please refer to Annex A for details on the approved coursework.

    Applicant to submit attendance certificate issued by the approved training provider.

    Table 1: Pre-requisites for the CSA Examination

To know more about the programme curriculum, please fill-up the form to download the brochure:

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