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Lighting Simulation for Energy-Efficient Lighting

Save significantly on your lighting expenditures and reduce your global footprint

Lighting simulation has become an essential component of interior lighting design. It enables the creative design of lighting solutions via the use of light simulator software. TÜV SÜD’s lighting simulation services assist architects and designers to design buildings with optimum use of lighting and natural light.

Using technological light simulator software, our lighting advisors are able to consider options such as tubular daylighting devices (TDD), translucent walling solutions, centralied lighting control systems, implementation of glazing materials and skylights to help increase the efficiency of your building’s interior lighting design.

What is interior lighting design?

Energy-efficient lighting planning should be an integral element of the interior design of any building. Striking the right balance between ambiance, purpose and green energy use, our lighting advisors can combine your building’s lighting needs with sustainable options by utilising your building’s natural light sources.

Using complex computer software, it is possible to create an accurate model of how light will intersect with and be consumed by future building projects. By capitalising on the natural light resources available to you, you can reduce your reliance on artificial light sources which in turn decreases your costs where energy consumption is concerned. This can have a huge impact on your environmental footprint and your profit margins.

As compared to conventional design practices, optimising the use of natural lighting can condense energy costs up to 60%. This can be achieved by adopting various building envelope design strategies through the creation of a lighting plan to obtain a careful balance of heat gain and loss, glare control and visual quality.

How can TÜV SÜD’s lighting plan services benefit your business?

  • Using advanced light simulator programs to create photorealistic scenarios of different lighting, our interior lighting design experts can generate a lighting plan which offers recommendations on how to maximise the use of natural light to reduce lighting energy costs by up to 60 percent.
  • You can base your decisions on accurate and reliable scientific data derived from TÜV SÜD’s lighting simulation software and expertise in green buildings design.
  • Reduce energy costs by formulating and implementing a lighting plan strategy that maximises use of natural lighting.
  • Map your energy consumption from different lighting plans and strategies and make an informed cost-benefit decision.

What lighting plan services does TÜV SÜD offer?

TÜV SÜD’s interior lighting design services enable everything from the assessment of experimental concepts to preparing photorealistic representations to visualising lighting designs and evaluating their effectiveness. TÜV SÜD’s light simulator services complement its portfolio of green buildings services.

TÜV SÜD’s interior lighting design advisory service includes:
  • The creation of a design lighting optimisation plan
  • Assessment of lighting design strategies on different building design envelopes
  • Balance of heat gain and loss, glare control and visual quality to maximise use of natural lighting
  • Provision of accurate and reliable data through simulation software and techniques.


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