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Automotive CCC Mark and Certification

Approval support for exporting vehicles, motorcycles and automotive components to China

What is CCC certification?

The CCC Mark (China Compulsory Certificate) is a mandatory requirement for both domestically manufactured products and products imported into China. Automotive products that require the CCC Mark include many whole, completed or incomplete vehicles that fall in the L, M and N category, as well as motorcycles in the O category and vehicle parts (e.g. seat belts, tyres, safety glass products and headlamps). The CCC certification procedure involves testing of the product itself, as well as factory inspection and the creation of documentation.

To enter the Chinese market, it is essential to obtain a CCC certificate for your automotive products.

Why is it important to obtain the CCC mark?

Manufacturers who wish to export vehicles and components to China have to obtain the CCC mark. Demonstrating compliance means:

  • Ensuring that you can sell your automotive products within the Chinese market
  • Accessing the market quickly without being denied
  • Avoiding costly recalls or product rework
  • Showing regulatory authorities, car dealerships and consumers alike that your product complies with environmental and safety legislation

TÜV SÜD ensures a smooth CCC certification process

TÜV SÜD is a leading global provider of homologation services for the automotive industry, helping you comply with legislation in different markets. We have extensive experience and facilities near all major vehicle manufacturing hubs worldwide. Wherever you produce vehicles or parts, we provide expert advice and guidance to help you manage the whole CCC certification project smoothly.

Our multilingual teams have a complete understanding of the CCC mark certification process and work with you as your partner, providing you with a framework that ensures your compliance with CCC certification and seamless entry into the market.

The CCC Certification Process

CCC homologation process

TÜV SÜD’s CCC mark and certification services

Regardless of where you are based, TÜV SÜD has the global presence to provide full-service support in your local market. To ensure maximum efficiency, we provide a single point of contact that understands your requirements and speaks your language. We support the industry at every stage, from determining which products require CCC, technical advisory for the complete CCC certification through to certification and post-certification. 

  • Homologation services

    We assist you in meeting the requirements to obtain the mandatory CCC certification mark or CQC mark required to export your vehicles or related systems and components to the Chinese market.

  • Vehicle and component testing

    We conduct the full range of testing services in our ISO-accredited labs in China to ensure you meet CCC requirements.

  • Post-certification support

    We remind the manufacturer of future requirements for re-testing or re-audits and provide periodic updates on changes in regulations or standards.

  • Multi regulation management

    TÜV SÜD helps you understand and identify the overlaps and evolving requirements of different regulations so that you can achieve multiple certifications within one project.


CCC mark

CCC Mark

Approval support for exporting vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and automotive components to China


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