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Eliminating System Safety Hazards Live Virtual Masterclass

11th November 2020, 8.30AM – 12.30PM

live virtual masterclass DETAILS

Date: 11th November 2020, Wednesday

Time: 8.30AM – 12.30PM

Fees: S$330/pax (Excl. GST)

ABOUT THE live virtual masterclass

It is deduced that most accidents can be traced to easily recognised, preventable root causes resulting from a lack of quality somewhere in the system. Utmost conclusion from investigations points to human error instead of technological failures.

More than fifty percent of actual failures are critical to helping today's engineers of any highly complex systems, aerospace, train, bridges, manufacturing plants or otherwise. Those lessons are not always unique and evergreen. They apply across all engineering endeavours. Implementing specific strategies and team "Rules of Practice" early in a project management is the best means to start it right.

A rare opportunity to learn from the giants! This masterclass aims at strengthening system quality standards by understanding why safety hazards happened in the past and what to do about it for not repeating the same mistakes again.


This online masterclass will present topics ranging from lessons in general management approaches to very detailed actual mishap case histories.

This instructors will share their combined eighty plus years of working experience including personal involvement with many mishaps, to provide unique insights from the perspective of those who have experienced it.

Topics to be covered:

  • Robust Engineering design approach
  • Understanding of design challenges in different environment
  • Essential modelling to test theories and design
  • Importance of testing to confirm assumptions
  • Rules and principles to observe

WHO SHOULD TAKE THE masterclass?

This course is specially designed for but not limited to:

  • Quality professionals, system engineers, program managers, program directors, and those who wants to have a deeper knowledge of conducting cause analysis and FMEA activities are strongly encouraged to attend.


Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
of Aerospace Engineering Associates LLC. (AEA)

Mr. Ross has been a technical and management contributor in the aerospace industry for over 50 years after having received a BS in electrical engineering in 1963 from Manhanttan College, Riverdale, New York City. His 32 years career at the NASA Lewis Research Center, now NASA Glenn, culminated in his assignment as Center Director from 1990-1994. Prior to that assignment, he held the positions of Deputy Center Director, Director of Space, and Director of Launch Vehicles. Mr. Ross retired from NASA in 1995, and since that time has served as a senior consultant to NASA and other Government agencies as well as to the commercial aerospace industry. Mr. Ross is the Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of AEA.

Co-founder & President
of Aerospace Engineering Associates LLC. (AEA)

Mr. Joe has acquired over 48 years of management and technical experience in the aerospace industry. In his early career, he was a launch team member on over 65 NASA Atlas/Centaur and Titan/Centaur launches at Kennedy Space Center. He is a widely recognised expert in launch vehicles and advanced transportation architecture planning for space missions. Later, he led and participated in many independent program review teams for NASA headquarters. Before retiring from NASA Glenn Research Center in 2000, under his direction, the Advanced Space Analysis Office led all exploration advanced concept studies for Glenn, including transportation, power and more for many advanced NASA mission applications. Since retirement, he has held many consulting positions for NASA and other government agencies. He is also the Co-founder & President of AEA, and co-author and presenter of a highly acclaimed class titled "Mission Success First: Lessons Learnt".


  • World-Class Training
    Learn from TÜV SÜD’s industry expert and training specialist
  • Interactive Learning Style
    Interactive formats such as simulations, scenario role plays, group discussions, group activities, individual analysis, case studies, lecture and peer review performance are used.
  • Networking Opportunity 
    Meet and build network with like-minded individuals at our instructor-led training
  • Gain A Competitive Edge
    Gain knowledge and develop relevant skills to stay relevant


To contact someone from TÜV SÜD, you may email us at [email protected] or call +65 6885 1667.

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