Restart of business

Get help to restart your business after Coronavirus

We will help you with our services to master the restart of your business and to cope with the new normal.

We will help you with our services to master the restart of your business and to cope with the new normal.

Your business must adhere to current regulations and hygiene measures to open up again. With our services, we will help you to restart your business quickly after the lockdown.  

The trust of customers and employees is the foundation of a business - this is currently more true than ever. But living up to this trust in a pandemic presents you as an entrepreneur with unprecedented challenges. Whether in the retail, hospitality or manufacturing industries, the real estate sector or the automotive industry: the entire economy must now come together to prevent a worsening of the economic situation and to protect the health of people. 
At TÜV SÜD, we understand the complexity of the tasks you face. With our in-depth knowledge of the industry and profound expertise in the field of hygiene, we can help you. From risk analyses over hygiene audits to knowledge building directly in your company.

Find the service you need in our subsegments below or simply use the form on this page to get immediate assistance.

Live webcast series: How to restart your business

Live Restart Covid-19What are the effects of COVID-19 business interruption and how to mitigate them?

To address the current challenges due to COVID-19, we have brought together our experts globally to discuss the effects of the pandemic on businesses and supply chains. Through these discussions, our experts will be sharing insights and possible solutions to support your business for the restart.

Join our live events and gain the knowledge you need to minimise COVID-19 related effects on your business.

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Gastronomy Hospitality Restart 

For hoteliers, restaurateurs, and food companies the big challenge now is to ensure a hygienically safe supply operation during the pandemic phase protecting employees, guests, and customers.


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People rely on the retail industry to get their supplies and goods. We help you to make sure you apply the right hygiene measures to meet all requirements and to show your customers that they can access your stores without concerns. 


Do you run a retail business?


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Companies in the manufacturing industry are affected by the current situation to a very different extent. Nevertheless, all of them are currently facing the same challenge of adapting their operations to the new situation.


Do you work in the manufacturing industry?


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OUR SERVICES FOR the Automotive Industry

When operations are resumed at car manufacturers, car dealerships, and workshops, the protection of employees and customers is a high priority. We help you to find solutions that keep processes and operations running despite distancing and other regulations.


Do you work in the automotive industry?


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In the commercial real estate sector, you are used to bringing a wide range of requirements under one roof, from economic efficiency to security. However, the current pandemic is making this balancing act even more challenging for you. 


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