EU Member State national technical standards and regulations (NTS&R) for electrical appliances



EU Member State national technical standards and regulations (NTS&R) for electrical appliances

The proposed amendments of regulation on market surveillance and compliance has been considered to have significant impact on all economic operators including retailers, distributors and e-commerce platforms. This amended regulation is supposed to further strengthen controls and improve checks on products placed across the EU market by national authorities and customs officers to keep unsafe products as well as products those are not according to regulations away from the EU consumers.

This webinar will be dedicated to provide greater awareness about existing individual Member State national technical standards and regulations and corresponding surveillance activities carried out by national authorities which can provide sufficient insights to the audience on sustained marketability of electrical products across European Union. 

Key topics covered:

  • Get an overview about EU Market Surveillance

  • Gain insights about EU Member State National Technical Regulations

  • Find out what are EN Standard A-deviations and Special National Conditions

  • Stay updated with TÜV SÜD solutions on Technical Standards and Regulations

About the speakers

Mr. Surjya Neogy
Manager, Technical Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Surjya Neogy specialises in the European Union national technical standards and regulations. He holds Master’s degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining to TÜV SÜD he managed regulatory compliance within various European and American multinationals over a decade.


Mr. Helmut Roth
Trainer, Digital Services and Knowledge Management Systems

Helmut Roth specialises in database organised processing and structuring of information and know-how. He is one of the founder and developer of the TÜV SÜD laboratory database system and has long-standing experience in product and change management in laboratory environments.  

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