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TÜV SÜD Supports: Beiersdorf converts manufacturing facilities to produce hand sanitizer

Fighting COVID-19 while minimizing risks of fire or explosion in Beiersdorf Madrid plant.

Fighting COVID-19 while minimizing risks of fire or explosion in Beiersdorf Madrid plant.


Many companies globally are supporting the COVID-19 pandemic relief by converting existing manufacturing facilities to produce critical medical supplies.

Beiersdorf, a multinational company which manufactures skin care and personal care products such as Nivea and Eucerin, committed the use of its manufacturing facility in Madrid to produce hydroalcoholic solutions used to sanitize hands and surfaces. The hydroalcoholic solution would then be distributed by the Spanish Ministry of Health to combat the spread of COVID-19. 


However, the challenge for Beiersdorf was to quickly convert the production line, which was used to produce non-flammable body care products, while minimizing the risk of fire or explosion introduced by the highly flammable materials. The company contacted TÜV SÜD to support them.


Our experts were immediately deployed to the Beiersdorf production facility to complete a comprehensive assessment of the facility, with special attention to the areas used to package hydroalcoholic solutions. Next, they identified the design and installation modifications needed to comply with the Directive 1999/92/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 1999 on minimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres.


Once the retrofit of the production facility was completed, TÜV SÜD prepared a final report verifying that the preventive and protective measures implemented were consistent with the Directive’s requirements.


Since the successful conversion of the production facility in March, the Beiersdorf’s Madrid plant has already produced more than 340,000 units of hydroalcoholic solutions which have been donated to support those that currently combat the public health emergency at the frontline: hospitals, medical and nursing staff, NGOs as well as central public services such as fire department and police throughout Spain.


TÜV SÜD’s expertise and rapid response to this urgent need is just one way which we are working with the industry to combat COVID-19.


Photo materials © Beiersdorf AG




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