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Your regular update for technical and industry information

US FDA publishes draft guidances on labelling of genetically-modified foods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued two draft guidance documents related to voluntary labelling of genetically-modified foods.

Released in early March, the two draft guidance documents address product or ingredient information related to the use of genetically-modified ingredients that food producers may wish to include on their product labelling or packaging. The first draft guidance addresses Atlantic salmon and salmon-based foods containing genetically-engineered salmon, while the second draft guidance focusses on foods derived from genetically-engineered plants.

The intent of both documents is to provide food producers with guidance on voluntary statements used on product labelling that are truthful and not misleading. This information can help producers and importers to ensure their compliance with US requirements as well as their acceptance by consumers in the US market. However, it is important to note that guidance documents issued by the FDA do not have the force of law, and are only intended to provide context for the Agency’s current thinking on a particular issue of its regulations.

The text of the FDA’s draft guidance related to the voluntary labelling of foods derived from genetically-modified salmon is available here. The draft guidance on the voluntary labelling of foods derived from genetically-engineered plants is available here.

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