Product Safety & Conformity Representative (PSCR)

Product Safety & Conformity Representative (PSCR)

Public Training

Public Training

About the course 

Product safety is the most crucial part of the automotive industry. In today’s time, when there has been technological advancement, maintaining safety has become the most crucial aspect. Hence, a product safety representative needs to have the right expertise and knowledge to meet the demands and expectations with respect to the product.

The Product Safety and Conformity Representative (PSCR) Training aims to train the product safety representative and provide the necessary qualifications and understanding to make the person competent enough to explore the various aspects of product integrity and enable the participants to handle their everyday work more professionally.

Key Benefits

Participants will be able to: 

  • Understand how a product safety officer (PSO) Important
  • Understand Product safety management and the role of the product safety officer (PSO) 
  • Understand the Core elements of a system for controlling risks, including events 
  • Volkswagen AG's requirement for product safety officers 
  • Reinforce your learning through case studies and exercises.
    (Upon completing the training, the participants will receive a certificate of qualification after passing the test.)


The objectives of this course are to:

  • Training professionals with the right know-how to maintain and achieve product integrity through the various stages of development and production. 
  • Make participants well-acquainted with the requisite knowledge for its application across the automotive industry.

Points to be covered

  • Introduction and need to appoint a Product Safety and Conformity Management Representative (PSCR)
  • Product Integrity Organization (PI Structure) 
  • Product Integrity over the Product Life Cycle
  • Product Safety-related examples/lessons and Tools and Techniques used to handle Product Safety and Conformity (Product Integrity) cases

Case studies and Exercises


To participate in the Product Safety & Conformity Representative (PSCR) Training Course, an overall knowledge of the automotive industry and the supply chain is required. A thorough understanding of products and product lifecycle along with the following:

  • Technical/business management training 
  • Experience in quality management in the automotive sector, especially in handling rejects and claims for damages
  • Training and experience in evaluating technical product and process risks (for example, FMEA chairman, VDA 6.3 process auditor, developer, core team member of risk assessment tools FMEA, why analysis, G8D, etc.) 
  • Knowledge of the application of the products made in the delegate's company, as well as the latest state of technology 
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of requirements arising from relevant legislation and customers' requirements

About the speaker

Pongnarain Premyothin

Mr. Pongnarain Premyothin - IATF Auditor, Business Assurance, TÜV SÜD Thailand


Mr. Pongnarain is internationally recognised as a lead assessor on ISO 9001: 2008, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO/TS16949: 2009. He has more than 15 years of quality management systems and experience in supervising development. He helps manufacturers implement measures to improve the quality, environmental, and energy systems.

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