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Capitalise on the market opportunities in Vietnam

VietnamMost products entering the Vietnam market must meet the relevant requirements of the authorities depending on the product scope. Product safety requirements and regulations are put in place to reduce risks, improve quality of life and ensure safety during use. Regulations and compliance requirements can however pose challenges to companies who are looking to explore new markets. You can ensure that your products successfully meet the Vietnamese standards by working with a market leader, TÜV SÜD. TÜV SÜD fully understands the local requirements and procedures applicable in Vietnam. You can rely on our expertise and knowledge to help you access key markets efficiently while at the same time, be assured of our objectivity, integrity and professionalism.


  • Plug Types

    Type A

    Plug A 

    Type C

    Plug C

    Type F

    Plug F 
  • Electrical Safety

    Regulatory agency

    • Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ)


    • Regulated products that are locally manufactured require mandatory certification and the Vietnam Certification Centre (QUACERT) quality mark.
    • Imported products are regulated by import-export goods control and only require a DoC or certification by a third-party Certification Body (CB).
    • Compliance with TCVN and/or IEC standards.
    • EMC compliance is required for certain products.


    • Testing by designated test laboratory.
    • Submission of application and essential documents.
    • STAMEQ assessment.
    • Obtain Certification.
    • Surveillance.

    Applicable product categories

    • To determine if a particular product is subject to the above regulations, please contact us.
    • Safety mark is required for below equipment categories:
      • Instant water heater
      • Storage water heater
      • Appliances for skin or hair care
      • Electric kettle
      • Rice Cooker
      • Electric fan
      • Electric iron
      • Microwave oven
      • Electric grills, toasters and similar portable cooking appliances
      • PVC insulated wires and cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V
      • Portable immersion heaters
      • Electric tea and coffee makers
      • Electric hand dryer
    • EMC compliance is required for below equipment categories:
      • Electric air-conditioners
      • Electric refrigerators and freezers
      • Electric vacuum cleaners
      • Electric washing machines
      • Fluorescent lamps with built-in ballasts
      • Hair dryers
      • Instant water heaters
      • Microwave
      • Motor operated portable electric drillers
      • Radio broadband data transmission equipment
      • After 1 July 2020: Electromagnetic cooking equipment
      • After 1 July 2021: Blenders, fruit juicers, meat grinders and egg whisks

    Our services at a glance

    As a listed CB for Vietnam under the ASEAN EE MRA, test reports issued from recognised TÜV SÜD laboratories are accepted by QUACERT for certification. TÜV SÜD can also perform testing and certification for imported products.

    • Energy Efficiency


      •  Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)


      Energy efficiency:

      • On 9 March 2017, Vietnam’s Prime Minister issued Decision No. 04/2017/QD-TTg regulating the list of equipment subject to energy labelling and minimum energy performance within the territory.

      • Products approved should be labelled appropriately with the Vietnamese Energy Star logo.


      • The Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade has finalised a circular based closely on the EU's RoHS Directive. The circular restricts the use of the 6 RoHS substances in 8 categories of EEE.


      • A local representative is required.


      • Sample Testing.

      • Submission of application, test reports and essential documents.

      • Submission of registration to the Ministry of Industry.

      • Product labelling.


      Energy efficiency:

      • Group 1: Straight tube fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, electronic ballasts and electronic ballasts for fluorescent lights, freezers, air conditioners, refrigerators, household washing machines, electric cookers, electric fans, TVs, LED lights, straight tube fluorescent lamps and hot water heaters

      • Group 2: Office equipment including copy machines, computer monitors, printers, commercial refrigerated cabinets and laptops

      • Group 3: Industrial equipment including distribution transformers and electric motors

      • Group 4: Transportation vehicles including cars with 9 seats or less, motorcycles and mopeds

      RoHS: Regulated product categories

      • Automatic measuring equipment
      • Electrical electronic portable equipment
      • Entertainment and similar appliance products
      • Big-sized household appliances 
      • Small-sized household appliances
      • Lighting equipment
      • Sport and entertainment equipment
      • Telecommunication and IT equipment

      To determine if a particular product is subject to the above regulations, please contact us.


      TÜV SÜD has the experience and capability to support manufacturers in attaining compliance with Vietnamese requirements and obtaining the necessary approval. TÜV SÜD can also support manufacturers in obtaining voluntary endorsement labels.

    • Telecom and Wireless

      Regulatory agency

      • Ministry of Information and Communications of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (MIC)


      • Depending on the product, type approval by certification or DoC is required.
      • Testing for type approval should be performed by test laboratories approved and listed by the MIC.
      • Products approved or declared should be labelled appropriately with ICT Mark of conformity.


      • A local representative is required.
      • Sample testing.
      • Submission of application, test reports and essential documents.
      • Obtain Certification.
      • Product labelling.
      • Sample testing.
      • Submit DoC and essential documents.
      • Acknowledgement of DoC.
      • Product labelling.

      Applicable product categories

      Product categories subject to mandatory type approval include:

      • Amplification equipment in the cable TV distribution system
      • Terminal Equipment
      • Radio equipment

      Product categories subject to mandatory DoC include:

      • Lithium batteries used for notebook, mobile phone, tablet
      • Optical transmission devices
      • PABX switchboard
      • Personal Computer, server, laptop and portable computer, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), router, hub, switch, gateway, bridge, firewall
      • Set Top Box DVB-T2; Televisions with integrated functions of receiving digital terrestrial television DVB-T2 (iDTV)
      • Set top box in digital cable TV network
      • Set top box in satellite TV network
      • Shipborne watchkeeping receivers for reception of Digital Selective Calling operating in the MF; MF/HF and VHF bands of maritime mobile service (applicable from 1st April 2018)
      • Terminal equipment connected to public telecommunications networks using exclusively leased channels
      • Terminal equipment to be connected to public telecommunications networks via 2-wire analog interfac

      Product categories subject to standards that may use DoC, or type approval, include:   

      • Bridges
      • Cable connected boxes        
      • Desktop personal computers
      • Firewalls    
      • Gateways
      • Hubs   
      • Notebook
      • Personal digital assistants
      • Portable computers  
      • Routers
      • Servers      
      • Switches

      To determine if a particular product is subject to the above regulations, please contact us.

      Our services at a glance

      • TÜV SÜD is an accredited test laboratory that is able to perform testing to applicable standards for DoC.


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