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EU expected to authorise the use of insect proteins in fish feed

The Commission of the European Union (EU) is expected to authorise the use of insect proteins in fish feed.

According to an article published by the online digital magazine All About Feed, the Commission is expected to formally adopt a proposal approving the use of insect proteins sometime this Spring, potentially allowing their actual use as early as July of this year.

The use of insect protein in fish feed is seen as a pathway to help lessen dependence on fishmeal extracted from the oceans. Concerns regarding the safety and hygiene of insect proteins have been largely addressed in recent years, most notably in a 2015 report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In that report, EFSA determined that insects fed with plant-based materials posed no safety risks when producers employ effective hygiene practices and follow risk management procedures consistent with EU food and feed safety regulations.

The text of the All About Feed article about the EU Commission’s expected action regarding the use of insect protein in fish feed can be viewed here.

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