mCom ONE machinery safety compliance

mCom ONE

Machinery safety compliance

Machinery safety compliance

Machine builders, system integrators and operators must manage safety proactively to achieve zero downtime and prevent hazards. With reports being sent back and forth between these stakeholders, it can be difficult to accurately track progress, document measures and derive valuable learnings from data.

Looking ahead, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will facilitate new concepts for more efficient production, including adaptive configurations and digital twin technologies. In the world of IIoT, machinery safety compliance will require a dynamic solution for management of hazards in a life-cycle perspective.

What is mcom one?

To meet current and future machinery safety compliance and risk management needs, TÜV SÜD has developed the cloud-based software solution mCom ONE. The tool facilitates life-cycle management of hazards by bringing machinery, people and processes together while keeping the data readily available for stakeholders across sites.

By seamlessly integrating machines and infrastructure, from design right through to commissioning and operation, mCom ONE streamlines processes across the supply chain. A user-friendly checklist guides you through the compliance process and can be tailored to your requirements, while a final report generates a prioritised action list for any areas of non-compliance.

mCom ONE is designed to facilitate the effective detection and elimination of hazards that pose a threat to business continuity, and it includes hazard pools for efficient and consistent assessments.

WHY are streamlined safety assessment processes IMPORTANT?

Machinery safety plays an important role when it comes to the overall performance of any manufacturing company. To ensure business continuity and enhance safety levels, safety compliance needs to be managed proactively and effectively across sites. This can prove a complex task as manufacturers are faced with a range of domain and market-specific requirements. The diversity of safety hazards adds another layer to the intricacy of risk management in industrial manufacturing. Streamlined and transparent safety assessment processes will help you to effectively reduce risk across your organisation.

Adaptive configurations are introducing a new dimension to machinery safety, as hazards are changing in accordance with the shifting set-up. Consequently, all plug & play concepts require a machine life-cycle approach to risk management. mCom ONE supports safety conformance for adaptive configurations, thereby paving the way for effective hazard management in the world of IoT.

Why choose TÜV SÜD?

TÜV SÜD has decades of experience in machinery safety and risk assessment. Providing a range of assessment and engineering services on a world-wide basis, our team of experts can help at every stage of the machinery compliance process. This includes working with industrial machinery suppliers from the initial design stages, to confirm that they satisfy market entry requirements, and helping machinery operators ensure that their equipment will endure and guarantee high productivity.

To achieve smooth market access, we help you to ensure that products meet national and international regulatory and technical requirements first time, as well as advise on specific customer requirements. Once equipment is in operation, our life testing and maintenance services ensure minimal downtime, high productivity and efficient resource usage. We also verify that operation of machinery fulfils the necessary quality, health and safety regulations.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Enhance business continuity – effectively identify and eliminate hazards
  • Increase levels of safety – ensure transparent and efficient machinery assessment processes
  • Reduce cost of ownership – speed up safety conformance processes for adaptive systems


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