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E-learning: Hygiene Ready

비즈니스에 유형의 가치를 더합니다

E-learning: Hygiene Ready

비즈니스에 유형의 가치를 더합니다

Why is training food safety and hygiene important for businesses?

As an expert food hygiene and auditing company, TÜV SÜD has developed an e-learning platform called Hygiene Ready for specialists and executives in kitchens, catering, food processing, trade and quality management. The interactive and easy-to-use platform covers content on food safety, hygiene and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), as well as information on microbiology, dealing with perishable foodstuffs and infection prevention and control.

There are many changing regulations around food safety standards, and businesses in retail, catering and hospitality must demonstrate that their staff understand and are up to date with the latest legislation. Hygiene Ready, our online training programme, provides you with a single source solution for ensuring your staff are trained with the latest information.

How can you use Hygiene ready?

Companies can use the Hygiene Ready programme to train employees on preparing or processing food products with HACCP in mind. The contents of the training platform are aligned with the requirements of the European and German Hygiene Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004, the Food Hygiene regulation and the guidelines for Good Hygiene Practice (GHP). TÜV SÜD updates the contents of the programme regularly to ensure that it is up to date to the latest guidelines and regulations.

How is Hygiene ready delivered?

The e-learning programme is available 24 hours a day online on various digital platforms, such as desktop, mobile phones or tablets, allowing participants to take control of their own development. At the end of the course, participants complete a test to evaluate their understanding. Once completed, a certificate of participation is issued to the participant.

Choose from three packages:

  • Basic package: 27 modules, plus two modules on Infection prevention and control
  • Full package: 50 modules, including two modules on Infection prevention and control
  • Individual package: Choose from 51 modules, with a minimum of 60 minutes of training in total


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