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Brexit faqs

What will happen next?

We expect the outcome to include transitional and long-term Mutual Recognition Arrangements covering a range of matters related to product safety and certification. The invoking of Article 50 of the EU Treaty specifies a two-year period for discussions regarding the separation. Those discussions affect all UK Notified Bodies and EU Notified Bodies beyond exit. During the two-year period, the UK remains part of the EU and all business activities will be carried out as usual.

Will my existing EU certificates be valid?

Yes, our status as an EU Notified Body will remain unchanged. All relevant certificates for EU Directives, such as Radio Equipment, Machinery and Marine Equipment, issued by TÜV SÜD globally will remain valid beyond Brexit. As a global leader in testing and certification, TÜV SÜD has a UK-based Notified Body issuing certification against numerous global schemes, including numerous EU Directives. At present, it is a requirement for a Notified Body certifying against EU standards to be based in an EU or EFTA member country.

How can I reduce the impact on my business?

The UK, post-exit from EU, will operate a separate regulatory regime just like the rest of the world. With over 150 years of experience in multi-market regulatory compliance, we have the capacity and capability to address any new requirements.

To enhance our support for customers, we are actively taking steps to increase our presence by extending or establishing new Notified Bodies, starting in Munich, Germany and Peabody, USA. Our application for EU Notified Body status for both entities is well underway. TÜV SÜD BABT, our UK-based Certification Body, will continue to leverage on its extensive local footprint and expertise support the certification needs for our customers.

However, product manufacturers should consider if their existing Notified Bodies, based in the EU-27, will have the legal capacity to meet future UK certification requirements.

What are the next steps?

As transitional arrangements between UK and EU are being established, we will identify an appropriate certification strategy for each of our customers individually. Our intention is to provide you with continuous product-to-market support, via a zero-impact service arrangement.

Regardless of the final arrangements, the service will be delivered through the same process and team which you are familiar with today, further strengthened by collaboration with subject-matter experts which in Germany and the USA.

For more information, contact us today for a conversation on your options to minimise the impact of Brexit on your business. To get the latest update and details, subscribe to our E-newsletter today.


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