Nuclear Equipment Qualification

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Course Description

Learn how to qualify your safety-critical equipment, whether it is mechanical or electrical. The general process of equipment qualification is explained as well as different qualification and testing methods. Various examples will be provided to illustrate the introduced methods. Apply your newly gained knowledge in two practical applications by conducting a systematic failure mode analysis and elaborating a concept on how to best select the test specimen as part of type testing. Furthermore, learn how to qualify commercial grade items for the application in nuclear facilities. Align the qualification process to the requirements of your equipment and counteract possible problems at an early stage to save time and money.

Learning Objectives

Who will benefit

Employees of manufacturers producing safety-critical nuclear equipment (management, engineers, technical experts).

Course Agenda

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16 hours.


As an internationally recognized and impartial Inspection Body certified according to DIN EN ISO 17020, Type A, and over 50 years of experience in the nuclear field, TÜV SÜD helps to ensure that all safety and security requirements on safety-critical equipment are fulfilled. From our daily business we know both, the requirements of licensees as well as the challenges for new and established nuclear component and equipment manufacturers that arise throughout the nuclear supply chain. Our experts in the field of equipment qualification have many years of experience and have successful supported the qualification process of mechanical, electrical and I&C components.
In our training courses, these experts turn into trainers and pass their practical experience and expert know-how on to the participants.


Editions will be planned on request (and published on this page).

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Online, Instructor-Led


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