Risk management and Business Continuity Management – (ISO 31000:2018, ISO 31010:2019, ISO 22301:2019)

Course Descriptions

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Recent disruptive incidents for the financial sustainability and business continuity of companies have made entrepreneurs and managers aware of the need to plan, implement and continuously improve risk management strategies. Awareness has grown about how serious the effects of underestimating risks and being unprepared for potentially disruptive incidents can be for organizations.

Events that, at first glance, may appear extremely unlikely such as pandemics, global financial crises, environmental disasters, earthquakes, floods, cyber-attacks, major fires, can occur suddenly and without any warning.

It is essential for the survival of organizations and the protection of their value that they adopt business continuity management strategies and continuously evaluate their adequacy and effectiveness.

The managerial strategies and operational tools aimed at developing the ability of companies to plan, implement and continuously improve their ability to respond to destabilizing events constitute the purpose of business continuity management system and are the subject of the ISO 22301:2019 standard.

Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge of the risk management methodology and the main risk assessment techniques, the setting of the Business Impact Analysis and the implementation of the business continuity management system in accordance with ISO 22301:2019.

Who will benefit?

The course is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, auditors.

Course Agenda

The course includes two modules during which the following topics will be addressed.

Module 1 (day 1):

Module 2 (day 2):


It is advisable to have the theoretical basis, or a minimum work experience, in the application of management systems.

Course Materials

Learning Assessments


16 hours.


Editions will be planned on request (and published on this page).


580,00 € (per participant).

Learning Mode

Online, Instructor-Led


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