Functional Safety ISO 26262 2nd edition

Course Descriptions

Event Scheduled: 2022
Learning Mode: Online
Language: English
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Learning Objectives

Course modules 1 to 4 introduce you to the processes necessary for your role in the safety life cycle (highly recommended for beginners). After the course you are familiarized with the individual topics with the help of practical examples. All course modules 1 - 4 adopt a situation-based approach to the role of safety analyses and supporting processes and the resulting deliverables. Explanations of the necessary work products and appropriate treatment of the safety plan are naturally an integral part of all modules.

Who will benefit?

Managers, safety managers, software developers, hardware developers, project leaders, quality representatives, test engineers and all who are involved in ISO 26262 projects and lifecycle primarily focusing on the development of programmable electronic safety systems and aiming to implement their developments on the basis of the recognised international standard ISO 26262 2nd Edition.

Course Agenda

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Certificates: Certificate of attendance.



Course Materials

Learning Assessments

Functional Safety Certification Programme (FSCP)

The Functional Safety Certification Programme (FSCP) is a personnel certification program that demonstrates an individual’s proficiency in the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. It provides you with verification that you fulfil all preconditions and specialist expertise requirements to deliver the requisite responsibility and skills at the right point of the safety life cycle. When you pass the qualifying examination, we present you with the corresponding FSCP certificate and a signature stating your qualification, and a listing on our website.

Functional Safety Engineer Level 1 - beginner

Requirements: --
Registration fee: € 750+VAT

Functional Safety Professional Level 2 – intermediate


Registration fee: €1.450,00+VAT

Functional Safety Expert Level 3 – expert


Registration fee: €1.700,00+VAT.


32 hours.


Upcoming edition in 2022 (more details will be published soon).


2.600,00 € (per participant).

Learning Mode

Online, Instructor-Led


Training in English Language

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