Training as Qualified Electrician for HV Systems in Motor Vehicles

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Learning Mode: Online
Language: English
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Learning Objectives

Electromobility is on the rise. On the basis of your professional knowledge as a vehicle electrician, mechatronician or mechanic you can complete the course to become an electrician for working on vehicles with HV systems. You are then qualified to work independently and safely on vehicles with HV systems (e.g. electric cars, hybrid vehicles). In addition you are capable of assessing the work delegated to you, to reliably recognize possible dangers, and to put into practice all necessary protective measures. Expand your skills and position yourself for the market of the future – electric mobility.

Who will benefit?

Persons without an electrical engineering education, but with a qualification as vehicle electrician, mechatronician or mechanic, whose area of work is going to include HV systems in powered vehicles.

Course Agenda



Course Materials


40 hours.


Editions will be planned on request (and published on this page).


1.600,00 € (per participant).

Learning Mode

Online, Instructor-Led


Training in English Language

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