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Marchio di certificazione HACCP

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Certificazione del sistema di gestione HACCP/assessment volontario

Base per la certificazione (standard di certificazione):


Proprietario dello standard:

TÜV Italia


Cosa copre lo standard HACCP TÜV MS?

Lo standard HACCP TÜV MS definisce i requisiti per un sistema di gestione HACCP (sistema di gestione per l'analisi dei pericoli e i punti di controllo critico) e per i punti di controllo critico di un'organizzazione. Tali requisiti includono, a titolo esemplificativo e non esaustivo:

  • Gestione di documenti e informazioni
  • Valutazione del sistema di gestione HACCP e interventi di miglioramento
  • Fornitura delle risorse necessarie
  • Attuazione e controllo delle misure igieniche di base (programmi preventivi)
  • Team interdisciplinare ed esperto HACCP
  • Descrizioni e destinazione d'uso dei prodotti
  • Diagrammi di flusso dei processi produttivi
  • Analisi dei pericoli HACCP
  • Definizione dei punti critici di controllo comprese le soglie critiche
  • Definizione delle azioni correttive da adottare in caso di superamento delle soglie
  • Misure di verifica per il sistema HACCP

  • What does “certification” and/or the issue of a certification mark for HACCP TÜV MS Standard by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH mean?
    • The customer has submitted to voluntary assessment (audit) according to defined criteria (certification standard).
    • A certificate and/or the authorisation to use a certification mark is only issued if the assessment (audit) does not reveal any major nonconformities with the requirements of the certification standard.
    • The certificates and/or certification marks are valid for a restricted period of time. Interested parties can check the validity of individual certificates in the certificate database of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH..
    • To maintain certificate validity, the certificate holder must annually complete an announced audit with a positive result.
    • Unannounced audits are possible in specific cases.
  • How do we audit?

    Independent and qualified experts (auditors) apply the following auditing techniques:

    Document review:

    • Evaluation of hazard analysis, HACCP plan
    • Inspection of product descriptions and specifications, flow charts
    • Review of measures of basic hygiene, measures to control critical control points and corrective actions

    On-site inspection of the premises:

    • Inspection of all production and storage areas of the organisation
    • Interviews of employees of the organisation
    • Comparison of the documentation against the actual processes
    • Evaluation of the control of production, storage and transport processes
  • What is beyond the scope of certification according to HACCP TÜV MS Standard?
    • Certification according to HACCP TÜV MS Standard does not constitute product certification. Certification thus does not provide any direct statements on the quality of a product or service of the certified customer.
    • Certification according to HACCP TÜV MS Standard does not mean that the company manufactures products or provides services of higher quality.
    • Certification according to HACCP TÜV MS Standard does not ensure in each specific case that a product or service complies with customer requirements, even though this is one of the key objectives of the quality management system.



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