Welding Training Centre

Welder Training Centre

Traiing and certification

Traiing and certification

It was a holiday on 28 September, 2023 at Qualiweld Welding &Trade Kft.
A celebration of the welding profession.  
A family business with excellent professional values, knowledge, design, manufacture and distribution of world-class equipment has reached another milestone. 
They want to train welders and, most importantly, they can train and educate them with excellent professional knowledge. 
It is with great pleasure and pride that ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Ltd. has completed the certification of the company, which will enable future welders to receive quality vocational education and training in a European environment. 
Dedicated, highly qualified instructors and examiners guarantee that anyone who receives training and passes the examination here will be able to succeed in this profession anywhere, under any conditions. 

Add value. 
Inspire trust.



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