Hygiene Audits

Hygiene assessment in the catering industry

Ensuring hygiene during COVID-19

Ensuring hygiene during COVID-19

Food hygiene assurance during the COVID-19 crisis

It is more important ever to ensure hygiene in your work place in the face of a global pandemic like COVID-19. As more catering establishments close, we would like to support companies in the catering industry to comply with the prescribed hygiene standards in today's situation. 

With this checklist, restaurateurs can avoid hygiene risks which are caused by neglected precautionary measures, insufficient cleaning and disinfection during the break, which can complicate or prevent recommissioning. 

Download the checklist today to ensure your establishment's hygiene. For more information or enquiries, please contact us at [email protected].


Overview of the EU legislations regarding hygiene, HACCP, typical CPs and CCPs

How safe is the food you serve

Overview of the EU food legislations within the catering process and how to control them.

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