Road Safety and Traffic Solutions

Road Safety and Traffic Solutions

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

Delivering real business benefits across key segments

What are road safety solutions?

Road safety solutions support governments and transport authorities to manage the complex issues arising from a growing population of road users. Today, more and more vehicles are on the road, leading to greater traffic congestion and environmental pollution. Therefore, it has to be ensured that the increased vehicle population does not adversely affect social costs, productivity and public healthcare spending. Transport advisory involves transport planning advisors providing authorities with external expertise which can help them respond to the challenges involved with managing today’s - and tomorrow’s - transport realities.

Why are road safety solutions important?

The benefits of using the services of transport planning advisors include:

  • Minimise the risks of safety issues and accidents by improving driving standards and implementing national-scale road safety programmes, and road safety and traffic solutions for commuters
  • Improve overall safety and quality of life by decreasing traffic accidents, controlling air pollution levels and reducing congestion
  • Instil confidence and credibility into your road safety solutions by partnering with a company with proven success in implementing solutions on a nationwide level
  • Reduce negative health impacts on society by meeting international environmental standards to control the level of air pollution as a direct result of vehicle emissions
  • Implement road transport and traffic solutions faster by learning from best practice and experiences from other transport advisory projects to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’

TÜV SÜD offers globally recognised transport planning and road safety advisory

TÜV SÜD has over 100 years of experience in providing solutions to make mobility safer and more reliable. As the trusted road safety and traffic partner to governments all over the world, we have the knowledge and international capabilities to help you address the three aspects of road safety: driver behaviour, technical supervision of vehicles and infrastructure for mobility. Today, our experts continue to develop best practice solutions that enhance road safety and reduce road accident fatalities.

We are the only company to have ever successfully implemented a modern system for vehicle inspection on a nationwide level, creating a network of 189 test centres and 81 mobile test stations in just 18 months in Turkey. TÜV SÜD has also partnered with TRANSVER, a leading engineering and advisory company in the field of traffic management, to provide solutions for the development, monitoring, evaluation, assessment and improvement of transportation systems.

As a neutral and independent third-party inspection service provider, we focus on providing value to stakeholders rather than shareholders. In addition to undergoing regular auditing that independently verifies our people and processes, TÜV SÜD is also accredited according to national and international standards.

TÜV SÜD’s road safety and traffic solutions

To address the challenges of road safety and traffic solutions, governments and transport authorities must examine many aspects of road transport, including the existing infrastructure and legal framework, systems like periodical technical inspection, vehicle registration and driver testing, as well as safety measures for commercial transportation.

We offer a wide range of road safety solutions to support you:

  • Legal framework advice - We provide expert advice to governments that are setting up new systems or improving an existing legal framework for road transport to meet international standards, such as vehicle registration programmes.
  • Periodical technical inspection solutions - TÜV SÜD assists governments in developing customised turnkey solutions for nationwide vehicle inspection. These solutions cover design, project management and rollout, operations management, as well as quality management and training.
  • Driver testing and licensing - We work with transport authorities worldwide to develop and implement best practice driver testing and licensing systems.
  • Environmental standards - Our experts advise governments on best practices and international standards for emission controls, and assist in identifying the steps needed to control vehicle emission levels.
  • Transportation of cargo and dangerous goods - We provide advice on the safety standards and requirements needed to ensure the safe transportation of goods and hazardous materials.
  • End-of-life vehicles and waste management - TÜV SÜD can provide advice on the legal framework and enforcement requirements to reduce waste arising from end-of-life vehicles.
  • Transport research and advisory - We provide expert advice on urban and interurban transportation planning. Our services include analysis and planning of transportation networks and of traffic management systems. Furthermore, we are experts in optimising existing infrastructure and in greenfield planning. In this context, we consider the impact on traffic safety and efficiency, pollution of the environment and travel convenience for all traffic participants. 


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