Multi regulation management for global vehicle homologation

Multi Regulation Management for Global Vehicle Homologation

Access global automotive markets with a single partner

Access global automotive markets with a single partner

What is Multi regulation Management?

Multi regulation management is a holistic service package that enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to access multiple markets in an efficient matter. The service covers all the required homologation and certification processes within one project, reducing overlaps in testing while ensuring that the client receives certificates for several markets.

Homologation and certification for key automotive markets, especially emerging ones, requires a knowledgeable partner with an extensive international network to overcome the many challenges of dealing with multiple regulations. This service reduces the overall homologation cost and helps avoid delays in accessing the different markets.

Why is Multi Regulation Management important?

Multi Regulation Management Services provided by an experienced partner can provide OEMs and suppliers with multiple benefits:

  • Gaining access to lucrative global automotive markets by thoroughly understanding and managing the different country regulations and certification processes
  • Avoid the risk of miscommunication and delays in the homologation process by even understanding local regulations which are written in the local languages (e.g. INMETRO is only available in Portuguese)
  • Reduce development costs and time to market by avoiding last-minute product adjustments to comply with the specific country homologation requirements

TÜV SÜD is your Expert Partner with extensive international Regulation know-how

As an expert partner for the automotive industry, TÜV SÜD’s has gained extensive knowledge about different country regulations in various global homologation projects with the world’s top OEMs and suppliers. We provide an end-to-end automotive solution from development through to production and distribution, catering to all of our customers’ homologation needs including testing, project management and certification, all under one roof. Our experts identify product requirements for market access early in the development process and streamline your various homologation processes within one project. As a single point of contact TÜV SÜD ensures efficient project management and has access to a international network of automotive experts with industry experience and local market knowledge.

Our Multi Regulation Management services

Knowledge Services

Our experts help you to understand and identify the overlaps and evolving requirements of different regulations. We develop test plans that allow you to achieve multiple certifications within a single project.

Homologation Services

We provide the necessary services to help you obtain European and non-European type approval for your products. This includes preparation of technical reports and project management of the entire homologation process.

Interface management

Our local language experts provide an interface between your organisation and the relevant national authorities and certification bodies, ensuring smooth communication throughout the homologation process.


We provide the full scope of testing for whole vehicles, systems and components against regulations/standards. Once you have obtained approval from the authorities, our experts also assist you with the COP test. By conducting one test to cover several market requirements, we help you save on development costs and time.


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