Manufacturing Execution System

Application, Technologies and Benefits

Application, Technologies and Benefits

Course Overview

With the advent of Industry 4.0 (I4.0), organisations are looking to transform their plants into Smart Manufacturing plants. The transformation will allow them to manufacture products faster, at a lower cost, with higher quality coupled with the ability to bring personalised products to customers. While many solutions and technologies are available to meet this need, a critical and central technology that organisations must consider in their I4.0 transformation is the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). A system that some consider the "backbone" of I4.0.


This course provides learners with the fundamentals of MES in meeting business KPIs through Monitoring and Tracking of shop floor processes, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Product Tracking and Genealogy, Equipment Management and Advanced Planning and Scheduling. Learners will discover how MES is central to an organisation's I4.0 Smart Manufacturing initiative through shared case studies and best practices and future developments of MES in the I4.0 context. It also introduces the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) and how an MES in an I4.0 transformation fits SIRI's dimensions.


key Learning Outcome

Learners acquire knowledge on the applications, technologies, and benefits of Manufacturing Execution Software in the context of I4.0. Learners will identify and contrast the difference between traditional MES and MES 4.0 and relate and apply the required SIRI dimensions with the appropriate banding to their organisation's MES.

  • Learning 1: Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Smart Industry Readiness Index framework
  • Learning 2: ISA 95/IEC62264 Standards for a Manufacturing Execution System
  • Learning 3: Features and Benefits of an Manufacturing Execution System
  • Learning 4: Future of Manufacturing Execution System Industry 4.0 transformation
  • Learning 5: MES and Smart Industry Readiness Index framework
  • Learning 6: Industry use cases and best practices
  • Learning 7: Manufacturing Execution System Implementation

Class Size: Min 10 to Max 15

Course Duration:1 Day (8 hours)

Who Should Attend: Professionals and Digital Transformation Specialist working in a manufacturing environment which lead to the production of goods and service, and who are keen to learn and implement MES in their Organisation

Pre-requisite: No Prerequisite is required

Cost: SGD 500 per pax

Mode of Delivery: Instructor-Led Virtual Training

Certification:Certificate of Attendance


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