Lean and Digitalisation

Concepts and Technologies

Concepts and Technologies

Course Overview

For many years, companies relied on lean production concepts to measure all things, yet many wonder how it will fit in the age of Industry 4.0. Many organisations may ask themselves whether to void the adaptation of lean production system and jump straight to "smart factory" initiatives. Are there any real additional benefits of adapting both concepts simultaneously? What are some of the challenges of implementing and realising lean and digitalisation concepts? Finding the right combination of digital and lean can offer companies competitive advantages through cost reduction and increased productivity. 


This course will introduce learners to the fundamentals of lean and digitalisation concepts and their enabler technologies to amplify traditional lean benefits. Learners will learn about the current limits of the traditional lean and the opportunities for the lean digitalisation approach, industry use cases, and best practices. It also introduces the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) and how Lean and Digitalisation in an I4.0 transformation fits the SIRI's dimensions


key Learning Outcome

Learners acquire knowledge on lean and digitalization concepts, technologies requirements and their applications in I4.0. Learners will identify and appreciate the benefits of implementing lean and digitalization together.

  • Learning 1: Introduction to Industry 4.0 
  • Learning 2: Fundamental lean concepts and their prerequisites technologies for implementation 
  • Learning 3:What are the impacts for implementing lean production and industry 4.0 together  
  • Learning 4: Establish the baseline of your lean and manufacturing initiatives;
  • Learning 5: Industry use cases & best practices

Class Size: Min 10 to Max 20

Course Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

Who Should Attend: Professional with interest or leading initiatives in continuous improvement methodology and industry 4.0 

Pre-requisitesSTEM degrees, two years relevant work experience, or relevant job title/description in continuous improvement and I4.0

Cost: SGD 500 per pax

Mode of Delivery: Instructor-Led Virtual Training 


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