IIOT System Quality and Framework

Implementation Frameworks and Trustworthy Data

Implementation Frameworks and Trustworthy Data

Course Overview

IIoT, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things, are connected smart sensors and actuators that collect and analyse real-time data in the production environment. It transforms the production floor into a smart Factory with smart Machines that are more effective than humans in collecting data, analysing data, and communicating important information that helps drive faster and more accurate business decisions. IIoT holds great potential in quality control, energy management, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and supply chain traceability in a manufacturing setting.


This course covers the frameworks used as a reference when developing the IIoT. Learners will learn essential knowledge of IIoT, the alignment of IIoT and business strategy, and how to maintain IIoT data integrity. It also introduces the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) and how IIoT in an I4.0 transformation fits SIRI's dimensions.


KEY Learning Outcome

Learners acquire knowledge on IIoT applications, technologies, and benefits in the context of I4.0. Learners relate and apply the required SIRI dimensions with the appropriate banding to their organisation’s operation.

  • Learning 1: Introduction to Industry 4.0 and the Smart Industry Readiness Index framework
  • Learning 2: How to Align Industrial Internet of Things and Business Strategy
  • Learning 3: Implementation Frameworks used as a reference when developing Industrial Internet of Things
  • Learning 4: How to Ensure Trustworthy Industrial Internet of Things data
  • Learning 5: Case Study and Best Practice Sharing

Class Size: Min 10 to Max 15

Course Duration: 1/2 Day (4 hours)

Who Should Attend:

  • Plant, Operations or Engineering manager/engineer
  • Maintenance, instrumentation, or automation manager/engineer
  • Data science manager
  • Sensors’ manufacturers
  • IoT Platform solution providers
  • System integrators


  • Strong motivation or interest to implement sensory technologies to improve factory operations or address company pain-points
  • Interest to add value to customers by delivering products (e.g., sensors, IoT platform) or services (e.g., field implementation of sensors) with trustworthy sensor data
  • Basic knowledge on sensors and its application is preferred but not necessary 

Cost: SGD 250 per pax

Mode of Delivery: Instructor-Led Virtual Training

CertificationCertificate of Attendance


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