Fundamentals of Change Management for Industry 4.0

Overview and Methodologies

Overview and Methodologies

Course Overview

Whether you are looking at "doing the same with less" or "doing more with the same", technology plays an important role to improve business processes and increase employee productivity. However, research shows that up to 70% of digital transformations fail to achieve targeted benefits; hence, this raises the question of how we can encourage our manufacturing workers to embrace both the ongoing changes facing them and new technologies. Planning and implementing your targeted change to minimise employee resistance and cost to the company while ensuring your workforce is confident and competent in executing those changes is pertinent to successful digital transformations.


This interactive, activity-based training focuses on the Organisational aspects of the Industry 4.0 (I4.0) Digital Transformation through the sharing of key notions of Organisational Change Management (OCM) aligned with the latest I4.0 concepts. Starting with an overview of OCM 4.0 and how manufacturers experience change, the course goes through the latest methodologies to plan and execute a successful digital transformation. It also introduces the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) and how Change Management in an Industry 4.0 transformation fits the SIRI's dimensions.

key Learning Outcome

Understand the theory of change management for organisations and individuals. Apply the learnings in projects or change initiatives to achieve successful ROI and lead your team through times of change. Support the delivery of successful change within the organisation, yourself, your team, and the organisation

  • Learning 1: Change Management for Industry 4.0
  • Learning 2: The link between Project and Change Management 
  • Learning 3: Risk of not changing – for an individual and company
  • Learning 4: How Individual experience changes
  • Learning 5: Change methodology via discussions, examples, and activities to produce an initial plan – and next steps

Class Size: Min 10 to Max 15

Course Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

Who Should Attend:

  • Those wishing to improve the overall success rate of I4.0 digital transformation by embracing the People side of change
  • Team members introducing new products or services who want to accelerate adoption and use, improving Return on Investment
  • Leaders, managers, supervisors and staff impacted by upcoming digital transformations 

Pre-requisite: No pre-requisite required

Cost: SGD 500 per pax

Mode of Delivery: Instructor-Led Virtual Training

CertificationCertificate of Attendance


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